The “Silver Six”

The “Silver Six”

6 Silversea Voyages that will Bring you the World in 2016

By Norah Bradford.

One of the most incredible ways to see the world is by water. After all, the Earth is comprised of over two-thirds water, making it the logical way to access many unique and interesting places. While some might overlook cruising as a means of travel, just think: A cruise offers you the chance to disconnect and visit several locations in one trip without having to pack and unpack a suitcase, or endure multiple transfers. Now imagine taking a cruise with an expert, luxury line possessing ships with a few hundred passengers and a high crew-to-guest ratio—a five-star home away from home. Now imagine participating in one—or even all six—incredible Silversea Cruises voyages commencing next year. The sea is the limit…

November to March:
The Caribbean and Central America – "Life's a beach"
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bridgetown, Barbados, and New York City provide departure or destination points for a Caribbean cruise. Typically ranging from one to two weeks in duration, Silversea cruises offer an itinerary of several islands on each voyage, bringing you to golden beaches and crystal-clear waters, plus an essential escape from the cold winters of North America and Europe.
December to March:
Take an African Safari, by sea
Fly to Cape Town, South Africa or Mombasa, Kenya and experience an African safari in a whole new way. Your bush camp is a five-star ship moving you between places to give you the ideal vantage point for experiencing a safari and seeing the animal kingdom up close.

April: Transit from Dubai through the world famous
Suez Canal to Venice
Starting out from an iconic contemporary Middle Eastern city, experience the historic engineering and architecture of a transit through the Suez Canal to Port Said, Jerusalem, the Adriatic, and then the ancient trading city-state of Venice.

May to September: Alaska –
"I see bears!"
From Vancouver, Canada or Seward (Anchorage), Alaska, cruise the Inside Passage or even visit Russia and Japan on a seaborne equivalent of a safari in search of the marine Big-5: Whales, seals, bald eagles, salmon, and of course, the Kodiak and Grizzly Bears.

October to February:
See the vibrant Asian Century
Departing from the iconic Asian cities of Hong Kong and Singapore, experience some of the fastest growing Asian countries—Vietnam and Thailand. With incredible beaches, mountain ranges, and cities, it will be an intense experience and one to savor.

Expedition to the
Galapagos Islands
Walk in the steps of Charles Darwin and travel to see the unique wildlife and islands of the Galapagos. Silversea has specially designed and outfitted expedition ships specifically for the purpose of bringing a touch of luxury to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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