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Your Signature Style with Signature Kitchen Suite

Your Signature Style with Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite
Signature Kitchen Suite
Fashion stylist June Ambrose, left, and lifestyle expert Lo Bosworth celebrate the launch of Signature Kitchen Suite at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas on January 19, 2016, at Las Vegas Convention Center. (Photo by Bizuayehu Tesfaye/AP Images for Signature Kitchen Suite)

By Steven Cornelio.

When you’re in the kitchen, it can be for multiple reasons: cooking, talking, laughing, impromptu photoshoots, or simply because it’s just your favorite part of your house. It’s a space that many love (and some avoid!), but regardless—we all have one. Some of us have to deal with limited space, while some of us can’t stop buying new accessories to fill our counters. What if we could truly customize our kitchens—beyond just the dish towels—to our own aesthetic, to match our personalities? Now, with Signature Kitchen Suite—there’s a solution to all kitchen frustrations that makes no sacrifices, maximizes space, and complements individual styles to a tee.


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Signature Kitchen Suite is a line of ultra-premium kitchen appliances coming to the market for the first time this year. They teamed up with a coalition of tastemakers to launch the collection; The Signature Style house experts includes Lo Bosworth, “The Lo Down” blogger, foodie, and certified chef; June Ambrose, fashion Innovator and celebrity stylist; and Donald Robertson, also known as the famous Drawbertson who is a fashion artist and pop culture phenomenon. Each influencer and expert had the opportunity to create their own kitchen with Signature Kitchen Suite to showcase how customizable these kitchens are. We had the chance to learn more about the brand during their launch event on January 19th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Signature Kitchen Suite


“Signature Style Kitchen Suite is really about a lifestyle” Lo Bosworth says, while talking about merging her brand and unique style with the Kitchen Suite products, appliances, and design. “I’m a New Yorker who loves beauty, fashion, health, and wellness—so the aesthetics of everything really matter to me.” Bosworth has a passion for the culinary arts and for spending time in the kitchen, and now she gets to do it in style. The melding of the kitchen and her personal taste are a beautiful union of the two.


Signature Kitchen Suite


However, it wasn’t all just the glam for Bosworth, but the necessity for functionality in a kitchen. “The top-of-the-line appliances, and how easy they make everything for me as a chef, is unbelievable,” Bosworth says. The Signature Kitchen Double Wall oven, which offers Wi-Fi capabilities, gives you the ability to turn on your oven before even arriving home, which cuts down the wait of pre-heating, and it even includes a bottom rack that is able to move the food outside the oven—which saves home chefs from burns. The Signature Kitchen Suite three-door refrigerator is also big on sleek style, while offering as much as storage as possible. “The thoughtfulness put into these appliances is amazing,” she says.
Other Signature Kitchen Suite appliances include:

-Signature Kitchen Suite Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator
-Signature Kitchen Suite Slide-in Ranges and Cooktops
-Signature Kitchen Suite Dishwasher
-Signature Kitchen Suite Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


Fashion stylist and Creative Director June Ambrose also shared with us her inspiration for her fashion-inspired kitchen, which even includes Pantone’s pink of the season. “I always feel like style starts at home,” Ambrose states, explaining to us how Signature Kitchen Suite and a couture dress are so alike. “I treat food, the preparation of food, and the style of it on a plate the same way that I’m preparing someone for the red carpet, and defining their image in the marketplace—which is exactly what finding your signature style is.”


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Signature Kitchen Suite

She explains that the collaboration between her design methods and designing a kitchen was so organic. Ambrose made it clear to us that the importance of having technology and design in fashion is just as important as having it at home, especially in a kitchen. The author, fashion forecaster, and mother needs a kitchen that is sleek, colorful, and modern, while still being safe and easy to use. “I think that people think of their personal style and their interior design style as two different things—and it’s time we stop doing that!” she states. In fact, a few years ago, Ambrose did an article with Essence Magazine on how to dress “stylishly sexy in the kitchen,” and the connection between food and fashion. She’s now come full circle, designing her own kitchen. “I’m all about punctuation in an outfit, taking a simple outfit and adding color through accessories, and you can do the same in this kitchen.”
Signature Kitchen Suite is the perfect foundation to customize and create a kitchen that matches your everyday routine and style. Most importantly, you’re not sacrificing the latest in modern technology, and the compact design ensures the appliances fit in any kitchen. “It’s an opportunity to get everything you’re looking for at once, and that’s what lifestyle is: getting everything you need at once,” Bosworth says.


Signature Kitchen Suite


The Signature Kitchen Suite will be introduced in the U.S. market in early 2016, with initial availability at select Pacific Sales in Southern California, with plans for a broader rollout later this year. If you’re looking to do more in your kitchen than just cute dish towels and placemats, Signature Kitchen Suite is the ideal place to start. “Your home is an extension of yourself,” Ambrose says, and she’s completely right. Let’s take our passion for our outfit of the day and extend it to our kitchen design of the year.


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