Bistro Chat Noir

Bistro Chat Noir

French Flavor, Southern Charm, and New York Romance at its Best

By Pamela Jacobs.

With the warm, romantic atmosphere of a classic French bistro, one of the best locations in all of Manhattan, outstanding cuisine, and the unique blend of French expertise and Southern hospitality, Bistro Chat Noir is something very special.

Nestled inside a 1939 Louis Candela-designed townhouse, Bistro Chat Noir is the passion project of owner Suzanne Latapie and is the embodiment of her Southern roots. A native of North Carolina, Suzanne moved to New York City in hopes of becoming a dancer and was first introduced to the restaurant business while coat checking and waiting tables between auditions. Working her way up both ladders, Suzanne became one of the first personal trainers in Manhattan while also holding maître d' positions at some of the most revered French restaurants in the city. After a ten year stretch as the general manager at La Goulue, a dining institution for the well-heeled of the Upper East Side, Suzanne decided to realize her own vision for a restaurant and opened Bistro Chat Noir.

The France-meets-South Carolina spirit of Bistro Chat Noir is evident in the warmth of its space and its people, and the quality of its food. The atmosphere is elegant yet comforting, and the menu is refined yet approachable. Chef Mario Hernandez uses the finest ingredients—many locally sourced—to present superb dishes such as delectable escargots in delicate puff pastry with herb-garlic better; rich mushroom soup with a truffle brioche crouton; the much-loved farro lobster salad with hearts of palm, mango, walnut, red tobiko caviar, dried cranberries, and sweet curry dressing; and the dish that keeps customers coming back again and again: red wine braised Meyer short ribs with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprout leaves.

Brunch at Bistro Chat Noir is delightful; goat cheese soufflé with white truffle oil, a spicy quinoa burger, and grilled vegetable lasagna join classic bistro and brunch dishes such as a fluffy frittata, coq au vin, and sinfully good mac n' cheese.

While the emphasis here is on flavor, fine ingredients, and classic French comfort foods, Suzanne's dancer background ensures there are plenty of choices for the health-conscious diner. From the array of tartares and salads to the organic Creole chicken, wild salmon, and Branzino served with cauliflower gratin, lighter dishes promise rich flavor with less guilt.

The warm, ambient light, crimson banquettes, handmade bronze sconces, and collection of French oil paintings further enhance the atmosphere and match the beauty of the food. This romantic French feel makes Bistro Chat Noir the ideal setting for a special Valentine's Day celebration. Nothing says "je t'aime" quite like superb wine and French cuisine served in a setting straight out of a French movie.

Suzanne Latapie has created a unique dining experience—a true standout in a city filled with excellent dining experiences. With her one-of-a-kind blend of Southern charm and French finesse, Bistro Chat Noir delights on every level.

For more information:
22 E. 66th Street | 212-794-2428

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