An Authentic Caribbean Rum

By James McDonald

Exemplifying true craftsmanship is Bumbu, an exceptional artisanal and handcrafted Rum that's created in the same method as it was 400 years ago.  What creates the unique and unrivalled flavor profile is the secret recipe derived from the 16th century sailors and pirates, who mixed their rations of rum with the exotic fruits and spices from the Caribbean Islands. Bumbu includes the essence and flavors of Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guyana, and Honduras. To ensure authenticity this smooth rum is hand-crafted in small batches at their Barbados distillery dating back to 1893, which is commonly known as the birthplace of rum and home to the world's purest water.

The design of the bottle exemplifies the care and workmanship behind the brand from its heavy weight to its authentic flavor.  No detail has been overlooked.  The oversized cork produces a popping sound which instantly induces celebratory emotions.   The bottle's curved shape is inspired by vintage fragrance vases with a tarnished metal "X" that is symbolic of finding the treasure which is Bumbu.

To truly savor the rum, take the time to sip it neat or on the rocks.   Enjoy the pure taste of the Caribbean as it was made to be appreciated.  Bumbu is aged for fifteen years in oak bourbon barrels and the recipe includes tasting notes of Madagascar vanilla, soft caramel and cinnamon to ensure a velvety finish. Even the sugarcanes used to create the rum base are sourced from locally sustainable farms in eight different Caribbean countries that are blended together that lends itself to a refreshingly unexpected authenticity synonymous with the Bumbu culture.

For a taste of the Caribbean try the West Indies Swizzle

¼ oz Coconut Palm sugar syrup

½ oz fresh lime juice

1 oz fresh pineapple juice

2 oz Bumbu Rum

6 mint leaves

Add all ingredients into a Collins glass.  Add crushed ice and swizzle until the outside of the glass is frosted.  Top with crushed ice.  Garnish with a mint bouquet.

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