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Books-Spyder Hole; As Timely As Today’s News

Books-Spyder Hole; As Timely As Today’s News

By Ross Warren

Paris. Brussels. Madrid. London…New York.

In today’s world each of those cities has been the target of an attack by Muslim extremists. And every time a terrorist is captured, authorities learn that more killings and bombings were on the way.

What if these terrorists had a nuclear weapon?

The novel, Spyder Hole, weaves a tale of terrorists plotting to detonate nuclear weapons in New York and London with the expectation that it will set off a worldwide conflict that will end in their advantage.

A covert team of American, British and Israeli commandos, led by a former American Green Beret officer, now an Israeli Mossad operative is tasked with finding and stopping them. They are given extra-legal authority to use whatever means are necessary to accomplish the mission.

This is especially meaningful for Dan Halevi, the former Green Beret. He could have stopped the 911 attack. He had the information but never connected the dots and thousands died. Now he has a chance to redeem himself and the terrorists will face their own medicine.

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Resident Insider editor, Bob Nesoff, has penned a novel that could be mistaken for today’s headlines.

One of those who reviewed the book was Maj. Gen. Thomans Needham (Ret.), a former Green Beret in Vietnam. Maj. Gen. Needham was the officer who planned the invasion of Panama when Manuel Noriega was captured. He was later named by the president to head the commission searching for MIAs in Vietnam. The Vietnamese would not deal with him as he had only one star at the time. He was immediately promoted over 32 other generals to Major General and conducted the mission. He worked with covert operatives on other missions and had this to say about Spyder Hole:

“Bob Nesoff is a gifted and experienced writer who knows his subject. His knowledge of tactics and techniques is phenomenal. The story held my attention and had me waiting for the next chapter to know what the Mossad, CIA and MI-6 operatives were up to in their quest to block an international terror plot. It was reminiscent of actual incidents hidden under a cloak of ‘Eyes Only’ material. He knows his subject and keeps the pace moving like an Indiana Jones movie. In fact, if Hollywood is smart, this will be made into a movie.”

For a personally autographed copy of Spyder Hole, send a $20 check made out to Bob Nesoff-Spyder Hole, at P.O. Box 104, Oradell, NJ 07649-0104. Don’t forget to include a note with the requested inscription.
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