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By:Hillary Latos

Check out our Facebook Live Video with Standard Deviation. Hear how this design duo was able to transition from a career in finance to an exciting career in Fashion Design.


By definition the standard deviation is the square root of the variance – measuring the extent of variance amongst a group.  As part of the wave of new independent labels launching out of Brooklyn, the name Standard Deviation only seems befitting of a Bushwick based streetwear brand that embodies the spirit of this creative hotbed.  Here Resident speaks to the Stephanie Park and Manuel Gonzales-Luna- the creative team behind the movement.



What was your inspiration behind your first collection?

As a streetwear-inspired brand, we get a lot of inspiration from where we live and work: Brooklyn, and more specifically in Bushwick, which has an abundance of fantastic street art from local artists.  Bushwick Open Studios, for example, is a great annual event where we can roam around the neighborhood and check out not only local galleries and studios, but also all the art outdoors. In addition to loving the borough’s creative side, we enjoy Brooklyn’s easygoing and fun lifestyle, and we think our brand captures that as well.


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Tell us about your collaboration with Ian Mellencamp:

The capsule collection with Ian Mellencamp dovetails with the release of his EP, Free AF. We developed a limited-edition T-shirt and crew-neck sweatshirt with what we think are pretty arresting black-and-white screen-printed graphics. The collaboration with him felt very natural and on-brand for us; he’s a fellow Brooklynite, and his music and onstage persona embody the kick-ass, edgy aesthetic we like to flirt with. We’re also very happy with the quality of the pieces; everything is made in the USA.


What is your design aesthetic?

Fun, fresh, and live-in-able. We are a streetwear-inspired brand in that we enjoy taking streetwear’s irreverent and edgy attitude and applying it to high-quality designs that any guy can wear in his everyday life. We pride ourselves on our commitment to attention to detail in every aspect of the design and construction of our garments, and we are adamant that everything is sourced ethically. We manufacture all of our merchandise in the USA.

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Based in Brooklyn Standard Deviation’s collection consists of denim, sweatshirts, baseball caps, t-shirts, and outerwear.

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