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Though the temperatures were frigid on Saturday night, nightlife visionary and financier Stephane De Baet’s 10 year anniversary bash at the Chef’s Club was a true feast for the senses.  Through sound, the sultry mood of the evening was created by DJ Aimz- Amei Segel, along with a feast for the eyes performed by Kate March and other dancers from I AM who created an immersive and wildly creative dining performance.  Guy Bourdain- esque performance artists sinewed their way along the bar and around the banquet tables with a suggestive and provocative performance engaging Stephane’s A list guests stemming from the art, social, fashion and culinary worlds.  To keep the flavors and culinary scene alive, the Chef’s club has taken an innovative approach to dining with a rotating cast of renowned chefs who come to prepare an array of seasonally driven dishes with a constantly changing menu.  Tapping into our sense of taste, renowned Chef Mario Carbone from Major Food Group designed the 4 course dinner taking an artful approach starting with a winter white medley of vegetables, along with sea bass, a salt crusted chicken, and ending with an explosive chocolate dessert.  Adding to the decadence of the evening, guests were treated to flowing Armand de Brignac champagne.  And for a finale, guests were led to a secret cabaret room for a performance act with plenty of absinthe to spur the imagination.


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