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Dress by Sylvio Collection
Shoes by Genny
Left hand: Rose gold Alisman eternity knot ring by Kavant &Sharart
Heliconia ring by Bea Bongiasca
Right hand: 18K gold rings with emeralds and diamonds by Mr. Warburton
available at Sands Boutique, Los Angeles
18K gold wrap bracelet with diamonds by Mr. Warburton
@Sands Boutique, Los Angeles
Earrings: Tiger Lilly earrings by Bea Bongiasca


When Danielle Savre makes an entrance the whole room lights up and you can’t help from being swept away from her infectious charisma and positive energy. This talented actress is known for portraying different roles in independent movies and TV shows, but her true talent shines in her current breakout role as Anna, the lead in Too Close to Home, Tyler Perry’s latest drama airing on TLC. As someone who is always on the go, she is able to adapt to any situation, no matter how challenging. Here Danielle opens up to Resident about how she identifies with her new role and which barriers she had to break down to achieve success.


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RM: Tell us a little bit about your role and this new show.
DS: I play the role of Anna Belle Hayes, a flawed female protagonist which is specifically what I fell in love with about the role. Usually, you read a script and the protagonists are these heroes, the ones you look up to and root for. But, the entire show Anna is in search of redemption. It’s something so unique and beautiful. You don’t know if you agree with what she has done; but at the same time you feel for her, even though she has made some absolutely horrible decisions. Obviously, the drama in the show is very evident and every episode concludes with a cliff-hanger. Something so freeing and unique is that Tyler always says, “I want to see how you play the character and how you take my words and emote them on screen.” And then from there he watches so intently and you see that lightbulb go on during the scenes and then he comes over and says “I now know what I want to do with your character.”


Silk hi-lo slip dress by Theia
Gold shoes by Borne
Necklace by Swarovski
Large gold cuff bracelet by Laruicci
Rose gold Alisman eternity knot ring by Kavant&Sharart
Heliconia ring by Bea Bongiasca


RM: Do you identify with the character?
DS: Well, I never had an affair so I can’t identify from that perspective. But, I think I can absolutely identify with someone that is trying to better their lives and in the process they hurt the people they love and in general make some pretty bad decisions. Anna’s life was pretty amazing before everything unraveled and the affair with the president went public. Unfortunately, that life was just a façade. She was Alice and she fell down the rabbit hole. And, Sadly in the process of Anna’s bettering of her life, she also abandoned her own daughter. So as much as I can identify with Anna, luckily the mistakes I’ve made haven’t been as severe. So yes, I absolutely connect to certain aspects of her.


RM: You leave things behind.
DS: You do. Sometimes you do have to leave certain elements of your past behind. I’m currently in love with Lukas Graham’s song Seven Years. He talks about how he had some friends in his past he had to let go of. And that song resonates so much with me because there are some people that played a huge part in my life at certain times, but are no longer around. Unfortunately, in Anna’s case she began to lose herself along the way.

Long Ivory coat by Genny
Metallic belt by Genny
White mesh crop top by Genny
Sequin skirt by Sylvio Collection
Shoes by Genny
Earrings by Kavant & Sharart
Bracelet by Laruicci


RM: How did you meet Tyler Perry?
DS: I got the script and absolutely loved that Anna is this flawed protagonist, something so unique to come across. After I said I was interested, Tyler Perry flew me out to Atlanta to read for him and we just connected. There was this strong energy immediately when I walked into the room. It felt like, “It was meant to be. These are the people I am meant to work with.” Tyler gave me a couple of compliments about my performance and the next day I was hired. I cherish those compliments the more I get to know Tyler. I have learned he isn’t one to constantly boost the actor’s ego so when he does have a compliment to give it holds so much more weight.


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RM: Tyler Perry is really known for his comedies more than his dramas.
DS: I didn’t even know about his dramas before I signed on! I only had known of his comedies, as well. So I did my research and while I was watching his dramas I was in awe of how he is very how good he is at sucking you in with his writing style. I began to get so excited since I knew he was going to do that with our show as well. Adding to that excitement was that he announced before filming that our show would be nitty and gritty. He made sure we had barely any make-up, our hair would be completely undone, and our wardrobe was to look worn. Which is a scary thing for any actor about to film in high definition! He said “I want you to look and feel like the real characters I have written.” I embraced that and love that we are not sugar coating these peoples lives.


Short beaded floral print dress by Sylvio Collection
Shoes by Nina Shoes
Bracelet by Laruicci
Ring and Necklace by Laruicci
Earrings by Kavant & Sharart


RM: This is your first time with New York Fashion Week. How was your experience?
DS: The first day I was so nervous, I was shaking. I just wanted everything to be perfect, but now that I’ve done it and realized fashion is just another form of expression, I feel comfortable with it all. I love every designer, stylist and photographer I have met. They have all been so welcoming to a fashion newbie like me. And obviously being dressed in stunning designer outfits is a dream come true.


RM: Who are some of your favorite designers?
DS: Designers like Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen and Club Monaco always hit the classy, chic mark, which I love. However during fashion week I was introduced to and fell in love with Nicole Miller, Chi Zhang and Miguel Vieira whose runway shows where such an inspiration and a unique experience. That being said, for my day to day I’m simply obsessed with H&M. It basically just takes classic chic designs off the runway and makes it affordable for everyone to buy.


RM: Do you engage in social media to keep up with your fans?
DS: I do and I love it. Instagram is my favorite though! I love taking pictures. Twitter challenges me to keep what I need to say within 130 characters. For anyone who knows me that’s a difficult task! But of course, Facebook is the best way to stay in touch with childhood friends and to reach a global fan base. I’m learning how to try stay on top of it all!


Dress by Sylvio Collection
Shoes by Genny
Left hand: Rose gold Alisman eternity knot ring by Kavant &Sharart
Heliconia ring by Bea Bongiasca
Right hand: 18K gold rings with emeralds and diamonds by Mr. Warburton
available at Sands Boutique, Los Angeles
18K gold wrap bracelet with diamonds by Mr. Warburton
@Sands Boutique, Los Angeles
Earrings: Tiger Lilly earrings by Bea Bongiasca


RM: With your live tweeting parties on Wednesdays for the shows airing do you ever get any pranksters?
DS: We haven’t gotten any pranksters yet. I did learn about trolling though when I encountered a few during my first Instagram live video. But as far as during our tweeting parties I don’t believe we have had to deal with that at all, just our awesome fans!


RM: Are you always on the go?
DS: Yes, always on the go! I basically live out of a suitcase. I’m born and raised and still based in LA, But I frequent New York constantly. I am currently on a press tour so after this I go to Indiana, Chicago and then back to LA. I am in Los Angeles for roughly about a fourth of the year, usually 5-7 days at a time. As crazy as it can be though, I still love it! Getting to meet new people, and experience different cities is very fulfilling. I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon!


RM: Do you come from a family of actors?
DS: No not at all! My mother was a counselor and my father worked for the electric company. I had to beg my mother to be an actress. I was this super hyper kid who had a very wild imagination. Luckily, my best friend’s mom in second grade, who was an assistant to an agent convinced my mother that “You need to get Danielle into acting.” It took a while but eventually my mother took me to see the agent. I booked my first job and from then on continued to fall in love with the act of storytelling and emotion being captured on camera. Being on set, is where I feel the most comfortable, where I feel I belong.


Produced by Hillary Latos | Transcribed by Nina Kullmann
Photography by Andrew Werner |
Art Direction by James Murray
Wardrobe Stylists: Tanya Tauthong Kass (ig@TanyaTauthongkass) & Shatonia Amee |
Assistant Stylist: Nina Kullmann
Hair: Dion Moore for Angelo David Salon | ELCHIM Milano
Makeup: Daniele Piersons Beauty |
Nails: Myrdith Leon-McCormack @MLMRepresents | Morgan Taylor Lacquer
Shot at Sterling Mason – 71 Laight Street, Penthouse C
Floral arrangements beautifully designed by B Floral |





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