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L-R: Allen Dalton, John Fogerty, Marc Berman, and Shane Fogerty


By Nina Kullmann.

Being an event planner is one of the most challenging professions. That is no wonder, though, because everyone wants their party to be the only one of its kind. One man is able to grant his clients that wish. His name is Allen Dalton. In the world of event planning he is considered to be the high society’s best-kept secret and a master magician when it comes to his job.

As the president of Allen Dalton Productions LLC for 20 years, Allen, along with his VP Marc Berman, have produced the biggest luxury events which include celebrity publication and even exclusive royalty parties. As Dalton’s clientele is solely made up of the cream of society, he is highly apt at being discrete.

In the past, he has provided entertainment for a party where John Fogerty performed at; a lunch that Barbara Streisand attended; and produced an event for Britain’s royal family. When an A-list over the top event needs to be executed, he is the go-to guy.

While working in the hotel business, Dalton realized that he wanted to open an exclusive entertainment production company. His former job was planning large industry-themed parties for major corporations. Eventually, he changed his profession to which he is passionately devoted to.

Obviously, planning events is not always easy. Some days are tougher than others. One time, during a hurricane, Dalton was doing a wedding at Chelsea Piers. Water began to rise in the ballroom and he was worried about his staff’s safety. Luckily, everyone made it home without any incidents.

Sometimes his clientele’s wishes are rather challenging, wherefore Dalton has to work his magic on a whole new level. Once he had a client who asked for live tigers for an event. Of course, he was able to make that unbelievable dream come true.
Dalton’s magical events are incomparable to any other parties. Whenever he plans an event, the preplanning stages include a discussion of the concept, the venue selection, the feel and look of the event, the type of food for guests, the kind of entertainment wanted, and the total budget. In order to make sure that his clients can enjoy the most unique entertainment experience possible, he works with superb vendors who provide various services.

Only 150-plus people per year are entertained by Dalton’s production skills. If you are amongst the privileged few, don’t treat the opportunity lightly. The master magician will pull all necessary strings to ensure that his clients are satisfied, so that your event will surely be one of the most historic moments on your social calendar.

Aside from providing entertainment, Dalton represents exclusive talent, including electric violinist Lorenzo Laroc, DJ Super Dave, funk and R&B party band Project Orange, modern mentalist Kevin Nicholas, and Dream Lab LED Robot.
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