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Karolina Dehnhard, Esq., is a divorce attorney with the prestigious Law Firm of Budd Larner, P.C., which was founded in 1934 and has offices in Short Hills, New Jersey, and on Madison Avenue in New York. Representing clients in both uncontested and highly contested family matters, and addressing both the economic and custodial aspects of these divorces, Karolina understands the intricacies of “unwinding” assets and “uncoupling” a relationship, while at the same time, doing everything possible to act in the best interests of the children. Having earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology prior to launching her legal career, she is sensitive to the various heavily charged emotional issues that one often present in divorce cases, which often intertwine with the financial.


Utilizing her prior education and background, Karolina has been able to delve deeply into the heart of emotionally charged matters, and utilizes her experience to achieve positive results for her clients in a quick and expedient manner. Utilizing a team approach, Karolina also assists her client with ensuring that they can, once the divorce is over, start their lives anew; and provides her clients with information relative to accountants, financial advisors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and bankers, all of whom stand ready and willing to help her client “turn the page”.

Her philanthropic work focuses on the empowerment, support and growth of women. She has been recognized both in New Jersey as well as New York for her work with various women’s groups, and her ongoing advocacy. She also sits on the boards of several non-profit and charitable organizations, including the Board of Directors of the Jersey Battered Women’s Service. In addition to her work in the legal community, she frequently appears on radio and television, offering commentary on the ever-changing are of family law. For Karolina, using her platform to not only empower women, but to assist members of both genders to “Prepare, Protect, Partner to Prosper” is an all-encompassing mission.


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