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By Nina Kullmann



Bagatelle in New York City is one of the most wonderful restaurants for a lively brunch, scrumptious lunch or a romantic dinner. The restaurant exudes an elegantly understated chic French ambience, inviting guests to not only enjoy their meal but also to embark on a culinary journey.  With establishments in the some of the hottest locations around the world, such as Miami, St Tropez, Saint Barth, and Dubai, the brand has a loyal jetset following.  “We try to put together the best plates we have everywhere,” explains Nicolas Frezal, who is the Executive Chef of Bagatelle in the Meatpacking District. “The Tartare de Thon Bagatelle with lime soy vinaigrette and avocado salad and the Steak Tartare Croustillant with crispy rice cakes is one of Bagatelle’s signatures.”


Chef Executive Nicolas Frezal grew up in the South of France and was raised in Montpellier. At the age of 14 he started his culinary training. After he earned his culinary degree, Nicolas Frezal worked at Le Castel Ronceray in Montpellier, Hotel Restaurant Le Meurice and Restaurant L’ami Jean. Later he moved to New York where he worked at Daniel Boulud’s namesake restaurant Daniel and Jean Georges’, The Mark, until he joined Bagatelle NY in 2014. During this time, he stayed true to his roots. However, he developed a passion for other nation’s specialties, as well. “New York is a very interesting city. You find things that you can’t find in France. You have Mexican food, Italian food, French food.  It’s a special place where everything comes together!”


Still, some things remain the same.  When Resident Magazine asked him about his most iconic dish he immediately answered: “The Truffle Roasted Chicken!” It seems even after all this time, this famous dish is and will remain Bagatelle’s classic go-to culinary piece de resistance.  His favorite plate, however, is something entirely different. “I like the Salade Bagatelle. I love the vinaigrette.” Both dishes are incredibly tempting, but Nicolas Frezal let us in on a secret: “Tuna, mussels and lobster are the “it” ingredients for this Spring season. The linguine lobster features a special tomato sauce that really sets Bagatelle’s Spring menu apart from other restaurants in New York.” After one visit to Bagatelle you will be hooked on Nicolas Frezal’s gastronomic creations, which will rapture you and send you on an incomparable taste adventure.


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