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Nowadays, Netflix and co. are part and parcel of our lives. All our favorite TV series are available at the push of a button. And, in only two weeks’ time another screening service will join the market in the US: Walter Presents. It was already successfully launched in the UK last year and now aims to catch the Americans’ enthusiasm, as well.




Compared to the already existing screening services in the US, Walter Presents is somewhat special. It screens shows from all over the world. Its creator, Walter Iuzzolino was inspired by his two Italian grandmas, who shaped his view on television, which then eventually led him to pursue a career in that line of business. Years later he went to London. He explains: “I was quite shocked by the fairly narrow palette of what was offered.” Being raised in Italy, he was used to the “shiny accessible, not snobbish TV from France, Germany, or wherever.” According to Mr. Iuzzolino that was the birth of Walter Presents.



But, what is his goal in particular? “After all, the timing of the launch seems somehow splendid”, admits the creator. “So, what am I trying to do here? Is it about tearing down cultural boundaries? Is it a sort of liberal response to the wave of cultural conservatives? Or, more literally, are we trying to smuggle in immigrant dramas? It’s none of the above. It’s much more basic.” Believing that America played a big role concerning teaching the appreciation for drama, Mr. Iuzzolino is convinced that it’s the right time for Walter Presents. Especially, because prejudices regarding subtitles seem to have disappeared. “I think it’s important recognizing other countries’ outstanding works. An American audience that is used to excellency will enjoy these dramas.”

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