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As one of New York’s top vascular surgeons, Dr. David Fox not only treats the full spectrum of vein disease in spots like the legs, this board-certified physician is the one that people seek out for more specialized work. “We also take care of veins in what are sort of exotic locations,” Dr. Fox says. “Many people get spider veins on their face, around their nose; where the nose meets the cheek is a very common area. We also have patients that develop veins on their forehead or on their temple region, or on the side of their head.” “Veins on the hands, veins on the face, these are not veins that are going to be taken care of by the average practitioner. These, what they call exotic veins, are really the domain of the specialist such as myself.” Likewise, he adds, people sometimes have prominent veins on their feet, and he is able to do procedures to make your feet have a more youthful appearance.


Dr. Fox uses state-of-the-art noninvasive techniques, a vast improvement over the traditional method, called “vein stripping,” which is a very uncomfortable procedure requiring a lot of recovery time. He instead performs what is called an endovenous laser ablation in which he can treat the vein in a minimally invasive way through a needle hole incision. This can be done in the office, the patient doesn’t have to go to the hospital, and it’s a much easier recovery period. The patient is up walking the same day and they’re usually back to work within another day or so, Dr. Fox says.


Working alongside Dr. Fox at his Upper East Side practice is Jill Caruso, RN, a board certified aesthetic nurse who specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive anti-aging treatments and clinical skin care. As clinical cosmetic director, she softens the signs of aging using injectable fillers, neurotoxins, chemical peels, lasers, and Kybella. Vascular treatments and anti-aging care often complement one another. An example is someone bothered by bulging veins in their hands. “It’s not uncommon that a person will get a facial rejuvenation procedure to look younger, say Botox or wrinkle fillers or Kybella,” Dr. Fox says. “And if you put their hands up next to their face you can see their age by looking at their hands, so I do procedures that would be considered hand rejuvenation where we make a more youthful appearance to the hands.”  “Less is more” is Jill’s philosophy in using cosmetic injectables, keeping a client looking like their natural, beautiful, self and not overdoing it. That’s what people seek her out for, and she has even turned patients away if their esthetic is not what she thinks is best for them. “I don’t do it if it’s not going to fit their face,” she says.


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To assess a patient’s face, she uses something called “The Golden Ratio,” which Leonardo Da Vinci used, and many plastic surgeons use today. With it, she measures the face to can see where they might be lacking something, or where something might be a little bit asymmetrical. She can fix that with cosmetic injectables. Jill is one of only 220 practitioners with credentials from the Plastic Surgery Nursing Board. The mother of two regularly participates in medical and aesthetic meetings, workshops and seminars to stay abreast of the latest advances.

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Dr. Fox opened Fox Vein Care in 2007, devoted to restoring beauty from the inside out. He teaches surgery residents and medical students at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he is an attending physician, and is a sought-after lecturer at national medical conferences, hospitals, and special interest groups all over the country. Dr. Fox received his medical degree at Boston University School of Medicine, graduating Cum Laude in 1991, and completed his residency in surgery at the University of Rochester, where many nationally and internationally known vascular surgeons practice. During a post-residency fellowship at Loyola University in Chicago, he was awarded first prize in the 1997 Chicago Vascular Research Forum competition. While in Medical school he was awarded the Dora Savenor Memorial Prize for Excellence in Surgery.  Although they declined to mention names, both Dr. Fox and Jill have treated high-profile actors, models, celebrities and socialites. They also have many international patients.
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