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Dominique Siby, Founder and Designer of the luxury design house, Felio Siby, and Elysze Held, Fashion Director and Stylist, joined Miami’s who’s who of high society and the fashion world, as the hosts of an intimate luncheon in honor of Iran Issa Khan, at La Petite Maison on Thursday, May 4th.


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The invitation-only luncheon, curated by Elysze Held, was to honor the life and work of the acclaimed photographer and author, attended by some of Miami’s lifelong friends and admirers of Ms. Khan and her notable achievements in the fashion and art world spanning numerous decades.  The luncheon also introduced the signature collection of men’s and women’s bags by Miami’s aficionado of ethnic luxury, Dominique Siby, the creative visionary and designer behind Felio Siby. Prior to being seated, guests were personally introduced to Dominique who presented his premium collection of exotic bags on display inside the restaurant for individual attendees to browse and marvel at with intrigue.

Honorary guests included the legendary producer, Emilio Estefan, television personality, Belkys Nerey, Argentinean model, Ines Rivero, Chair of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Kinga Lampert, designer, actress and model, Barbara Becker, CEO of Estefan Enterprises, Frank Amedeo, philanthropist, Susie Wahab, interior designer, Sam Robin, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Stacey Shabtai, collector and interior designer, Lisa Heiden, Founder of Petite Pois, Michelle Areces, interior designer, Donna Robinson, Music Director and Conductor of The Miami Symphony Orchestra, Eduardo Marturet, philanthropist, Linda Levy Goldberg, art and culture journalist, John Lin, Editor-in-Chief of Indulge Magazine, Evan Benn, Editor of Selecta Magazine, Jenny Starr-Perez, social columnist, Daisy Olivera, publishers of Complot Magazine, Pedro Maal and Leonardo Dávalos, journalist and style influencer, Erin Newberg, Founder and President of Liaisons Corporation, Susanne Birbragher and Founder of AzureAzure, Ana Remos.
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Guests enjoyed the finest menu items presented family style by the popular French bistro, that included green lentil salad; quinoa salad; crab and lobster salad; burrata with fresh datterini tomatoes and basil; grilled tiger prawns; whole sea bream with lemon, herbs and olive oil; grilled lamb cutlets and roasted baby chicken marinated in lemon.

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