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Think back to the days where you would go to the backyard and pick a fresh, ripe red apple, from the apple or tree. That first bite is so crisp, you hear the ‘crunch’ sound as you bite into it. Remember how good fresh fruit was. Not only that, having a garden and growing your own vegetables and fruit is an educational experience for kids and adults. Vitafusion had the exact same flashback, except they decided to use that memory to push forward a project that will help bring back fresh fruit to communities.


Rico and Jennie Garth planting a plum tree. Photo by Natasha Bazika



Vitafusion and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation have banded together to officially launch the Fruit Tree Project, which was initiated with their first event held in the Bronx of New York at Dewitt Clinton High school on June 6. The makers of Vitafusion partnered with actress Jennie Garth to plant various fruit tree orchards, including apple, pear, plum and cherry. The fruit that grows from the trees will be readily available to anyone in the community to take home and enjoy. The Bronx is the hungriest borough in New York City, with 31% of residents living in food insecure homes. The Fruit Tree Project aims to provide nutrition with fresh fruit, as well as education to the community members. It has been hailed the ‘edible forest’.


According to Jennie Garth “healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is very important in her life and should be in others.”


Jennie Garth sampling Vitafusions vitamin gummies. Photo by Natasha Bazika


The project will span across the United States and possibly internationally, as the two teams march up and down the east coast directly engaging with communities through educational planting events and workshops, as well as encouraging people to eat healthy and providing easy access to healthy foods. Over 10,000 trees will be planted this year, producing over 1 million pieces of fruit and over 2 million pounds of oxygen to sustain future generations. The increased access to healthy foods, will allow people to fulfil their nutritional needs and help the environment at the same time by fostering a better green scape in a big city.


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