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By Tash Bazika

For the curly haired beauty’s out there, your prayers have been answered by the King of Curls himself; Christo. The King of Curls adopts a revolutionary diametrix cut and style technique to tame those wild curls. His philosophy centers on healthy, gorgeous hair and his luxurious line of Curlisto products targets first and foremost on nourishing hair with ingredients that specifically remedy curly hair challenges.

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Christo works closely with top designers for major fashion events, including New York and San Francisco Fashion Week, the Latin Grammy and Billboard Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, and the Sundance Film Festival, just to name a few.


Renowned for his unique Diametrix cutting technique and Curlisto styling method, an approach which sharply cuts into the curls, to make it more compliant to sculpt and shape, which in the end will maximize hair texture, face shape and personal style. He received great reputation as an educator on his “The Art of Curly Hair” for years in teaching classes at the International Beauty Show, New York, Las Vegas, and Orlando Premier Show.



Situated on 5th Ave, Christo’s hair salon is a luxurious oasis, fitted with gorgeous furnishings, chandeliers and boutique styled mirrors. The hard wood floors, and large windows, makes the place light and airy, just the way we like our curls. Just some of the services you can enjoy here include styling, coloring, special treatments, signature treatments and more.



Located on 35 West 45th Street (3rd Floor). Christo welcomes visitors by appointment on 212-997-8800.

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