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Location: Highlands Tortoise Reserve, Santa Cruz Island, GALAPAGOS ISLANDS
Sweater, Pants, & Shoes all saints
Sunglasses oliver peoples
Hat Gorrin brothers


Produced & Styled by
Hillary Latos

Gabriel Pazmino

Michelle Salvador

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Shot on: Galapagos Legend with Go Galapagos


Some people find their true calling in life early on heeding to the signs of the universe, which is the case for Oliver Trevena. Born with the affable gift of gab, this quick witted Brit was a natural fit for Los Angeles, where he initially relocated to from Sussex England, with dreams of becoming a pop star in a boy band. When that didn’t pan out, a stranger told him he should be a TV presenter. And the rest they say is history. As a staple on the red carpet, Oliver landed his own celebrity chat show, Young Hollywood. But Oliver isn’t just your typical young Hollywood actor. Almost living a dual life, Oliver’s true passion in life is humanitarian and charitable work. When he’s not in Hollywood, Oliver works tirelessly to end human trafficking around the world through his work with Not for Sale. Traveling around the world, Oliver is on the ground where he has helped the organization on their mission to recover kidnapped children in Thailand, close down brothels with forced sex trafficked girls in Amsterdam, and also establish employment for victims to support themselves. Living several lifetimes in this one- what is next for this unstoppable renegade? Besides being the Global brand ambassador for Allsaints as well as the ambassador for Not for Sale, Oliver has a slew of projects in the works as a producer on several shows for Endemol and a new gig as a host on Just Jared. Here Resident Magazine spent a few glorious days in the Galapagos Islands with Oliver Trevena for our photo shoot as we dished on his charitable projects, life in Hollywood and beyond, and reasons why everyone needs to make the sojourn to the Galapagos Islands.


Location: El Barranco, Prince Philip’s Steps, Genovesa Island, GALAPAGOS ISLANDS
Moto jacket, shirt, jeans, and shoes all saints


How did you get started with your charity Not for Sale?
I’ve been with the organization, Not For Sale for about eight years now as the ambassador and our goal is to end human trafficking around the world. There are more slaves in the world today than ever in history, coming to about 47 million globally. It’s insane that in the year 2017 we are still dealing with slavery on a bigger issue globally. I help the organization in their fight against traffickers, Slavery, raising money for shelters, and creating employment for the victims to help build a life for them once they have been rescued. It doesn’t stop once they are freed because they can easily fall back into it if they don’t know any other way around it. I’ve spent a lot of time in past few years in Thailand; we have about two hundred children there that we help. It’s incredibly inspiring to be part of. It helps me as much as it helps them. It’s been great helping me get out of my own head in Hollywood where you can easily slip into this self obsessed state of mind. Part of why it’s so inspiring is you get to see how children hold little anger or resentment in spite of the cards they have been dealt with. They still find a way to smile every day and appreciate life.Seeing their strength is inspirational.


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What have been the organizations biggest success stories?
The village in Thailand is truly incredible. Some of the children have gone to university; one is actually at the University of San Francisco. We work with the Thai government because a lot of the children and families there are stateless and have no citizenship which basically means they don’t exist and that makes them extremely vulnerable to trafficking. Through working with them we have been able to get some of them citizenship and even passports. Even in Amsterdam right now NFS are doing a lot of work there with the sex trafficking victims. People just assume that Amsterdam is fine because brothels are legal but there are a lot of girls that are illegally trafficked and forced into prostitution.



What projects are you currently working on with Not for Sale?
It’s a constant fight against trafficking. I recently attended the United Nations with NFS founder David Batstone in hopes to spread the message more. One project that I am extremely excited about is a charity book. It’s a collaboration with my good friend Randall Slavin who is an incredible photographer. We are shooting black and white portraits of celebrities for a coffee table book aimed to raise money and awareness for the charity. So far the response has been amazing. We have Elizabeth Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Paul, Liam Hemsworth and so many more great people in the book.There will be athletes, politicians, musicians and actors featured. We are trying to use this as a platform to spread an important message.


I am also a co-founder of Z shoes. It is a shoe company we founded under Not For Sale. For every pair of shoes sold money is raised for Not For Sale. The shoe is completely biodegradable and organic. They are made in the Amazon in Peru. It also helps employ local people in the amazon and created employment in those areas that are hugely poverty stricken. The process has been rewarding in every sense, it’s giving back and changing lives. Every purchase you make should have a positive influence on the planet. That is the way the world needs to go. It’s the only way we could ever get the world back to how it is here in the Galapagos!



What else have you been working on in Hollywood?
I have some fun projects going on that have me in front of and behind the camera! I have several scripted and non scripted projects with Endemol that I’m excited about including a project called PORN MOMS that tells the story of the great lengths a mom will go to in an effort to provide for her family… as you probably guessed by now, she ghost writes porn for money and it touches on the secrets couples keep to survive a marriage. You might not have guessed… it’s actually a comedy. I also have several exciting music projects in the works that bring every element of music to life: the story of the songwriter, the performer trying to break through to music’s role in society. I’ve been able to work with my good friend Alex da Kid as well who is responsible for Eminem and Rihanna’s number ones and also founder of Kid In a Korner records responsible for signing many major artists and also operates as a Creative agency.


I’m extremely grateful that music remains a huge part of my life in Hollywood. In my role as a brand ambassador for ALLSAINTS I produce their music sessions where we have bands play an intimate set in the store; the result of creating a connection of music & fashion has been a great experience especially because ive been able to collaborate with friends like OneRepublic, Kaleo, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors & Skylar Grey.


My journey has brought me a lot of opportunities to develop series and shows for all sorts of different platforms and a new partnership im extremely excited about is one with JustJared. As you can see – I’m excited that I am developing a balance of work in front of and behind the camera. I’m passionate about connecting people and bringing their stories (or music) to the world!!


Location: Santa Fe Island, GALAPAGOS
Jeans and shoes all saints
Polo Ben Sherman


How did you get into acting?
I got into acting when I was a kid. At the age of four I was doing theatre shows, and acting in school musicals. That continued until seventeen, which was when I got more into music and dance, which is what brought me to the states. When that chapter of my life closed I went back into acting; it’s always been a big passion of mine. I’ve been a host the last 8 years, it really took over and I wasn’t able to do as much outside of that so I am excited that I have a few more projects focusing on acting now.


How did you become a TV host?
It’s funny. Someone just asked me one day in Los Angeles about 10 years ago, I was out with friends at an event chatting away and someone said to me, “oh your hilarious are you a host?” I didn’t know what he meant because in England we call it presenting, you’re a TV presenter. I said no and then he said I should be and asked if I’d want to. Next thing you know I’m on a red carpet doing interviews for Young Hollywood and I ended up staying with them for 8 years.


Location: Darwin Bay, Genovesa Island, GALAPAGOS
Shirt all saints
Bracelet William Henry


What brought you to LA?
Originally music, I had a record deal with Dick Scott who is the guy responsible for New Kids on the Block, Boys 2 men, Mark Wahlberg etc. The offer just came up and I thought why not? This is a huge opportunity. It was something new, so I decided to move over and it was incredible. When the music door in my career closed, I moved on from it. I very much thought, why not stay its LA? It has so much opportunity for what I want to do, you can do it, and opportunities are out there.


What are some of your favorite places in LA- to hang out- where can we find Oliver?
I love Soho House, especially the most recent one in Malibu. I love the relaxed atmosphere it has. The Nice Guy, I love. My friends Brian Toll & John Terzian from the H.wood group do well with every venue they open. They just get it right- from the food to the ambiance. I’m a big fan of any restaurant they open and it’s been so nice to know them from when they first started. Pace in Laurel canyon is a great restaurant. Also other Friends of mine own a restaurant called Ysabel’s, it’s a fun spot & always great food and crowd. The Little Door is amazing, it’s a French restaurant. I could go on and on!! LA has so many great spots, so you can always find me eating somewhere. I eat out far too much I need to learn to cook for sure!


On Oliver Shirt all saints Shorts American Eagle Bracelet William Henry On Polina Bikini Coco Reef


And you were also a model?
I modelled a lot back in the day.


Was that after being in the boy band?
Dick Scott was actually known for putting Mark Wahlberg on the Calvin Klein campaign in 1992. As soon as I came out here he had me jumping in so many campaigns to model. It wasn’t something I was used to. Being a lad from London Sussex I wasn’t used to standing in that environment because it can be hilarious at times. I had no problem with having my picture taken, that was fine but the environment was a bit shocking. It really got my face out there. A fun one I was part of for a while that I was also the face of was Five Four. Now I am with AllSaints. It was surreal, I remember saving up money and travelling forty-five minutes to the AllSaints store in Brighton where I would spend all my money, sometimes I would spend it on just one pair of shoes. Now I am their Global Brand Ambassador. It’s always been a brand I love, it’s my favorite and now I get to wear it every day. People say it speaks to my personality very much, I think it’s me through and through. It’s a great relationship. Its nice to merge the worlds together. Fashion, music and TV are all crossing over now so it’s nice to be involved in all aspects.


Moto jacket, shirt, jeans, and shoes all saints


It seems like you’ve become young Hollywood, as your interview subjects have become your circle of friends.
It’s definitely been like that. I’ve grown up with so many of them. It’s funny; I’ll bump into actors I interviewed yearsago when they were kids who now have a drink their hand. I have made so many friends through work. I feel like I try interview people and really make it fun for them. I don’t cross that line of getting too much into their personal lives. I think people respect that. If I bump into them again it organically becomes a friendship.


And you were never on a private trip with Donald Trump- so there aren’t any skeletons in your closet that will come out, right? (like Billy Bush)
No, I was never on a private trip with Donald Trump. That’s actually one thing I can gladly say I’ve never done. I think it’s quite likely to say that I won’t be.


Location: Darwin Bay, Genovesa Island, GALAPAGOS
Shirt all saints
Bracelet William Henry


What are you looking forward to doing with Just Jared?
One of the projects I’m really excited about with Just Jared is called Ollywood, which is my own show. We might rename it. It’s going to be on Just Jared and possibly other networks. The concept of the show is hanging out with a celebrity and doing an activity they want. We have filmed one already with Vanessa Hudgens. She took me to a ballet class

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How long will each segment be?
If it is on Just Jared we will show clips between five and eight minutes. If it airs on TV it will be half an hour.


Are you’re filming the pilot now?
We’ve done the pilot. We will be doing more. Right now we are establishing the format. I like it because I get to do something that the celebrity loves doing, something that the fans might not know. They might know Vanessa does ballet but they have never seen her do it firsthand. You also get some comedy, because normally if the celebrity picks it I probably can’t do it. You get that fun, organic conversation, which is what I love. I’m not your generic host that sticks to the norm. I try to have fun with them. I like to make the interview memorable for the fans as much as it is for the celebrity.


This is your first time in Galapagos. What are your impressions?
It’s truly incredible. I’ve travelled a lot and I’m very grateful and fortunate for that. This blew my mind. I think everyone in the world needs to visit the Galapagos because it shows you how the world was before humans started playing with it. It’s untouched beauty. That’s how I’d describe it in a nutshell. The first night I was looking up in the sky and I could not stop staring, it was like you could touch every star. You could see them all so clearly. The wildlife here doesn’t move when you get close to it because they don’t feel threatened. You can walk up to a bird and it doesn’t fly away. There is no fear in the animals here; there is no fear of predators. It’s inspiring; but it’s also a little bit heartbreaking because you start to question what went wrong. It’s an inspiring place but at the same time you start thinking ‘it could have been so amazing everywhere.’ I want to bring people here. This has been a visit I will remember for the rest of my life.


m/v Galapagos Legend
Sunglasses perverse
T-Shirt Ben Sherman
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Though the Galapagos Islands has been carefully preserved and protected where little has changed since the beginning of time, is a destination that will forever change you after a visit. It’s truly a magical place where time has stood still and we can observe the wonders and consummate power of nature first hand. The pristine terrestrial and marine ecosystems lie within captivating landscapes that provide a sanctuary for prehistoric land and sea creatures that comprise a living affirmation of evolution. It’s a place where animals and humans can live as one without any fear and stars from the Northern and Southern hemisphere are visible due to its location on the equator and these experiences will be forever imprinted in your memory.


The archipelago is comprised of numerous islands that each possess their own unique landscapes and vistas determined by the power of nature. Whether it’s a white, black or red sand beach, marked by dramatic coves or stunning geological formations, or an arid cliff, each island is different with unique and endemic inhabitants. The best way to explore the Galapagos Islands is on a cruise with Go Galapagos. The largest boutique expedition ship is the M/V Legend that can accommodate up to 100 guests. With three different decks they offer different areas for socializing or admiring the majestic vistas whether it’s soaking up rays by the pool or Jacuzzi or enjoying the comfortable lounge areas indoors. There are 52 outside cabins and 3 interior cabins with a variety of configurations to accommodate families or couples. The spacious balcony suites range from 237-290 square feet with a sitting area, panoramic bay windows and a private balcony to soak in the balmy sea air. While the majority of the rooms are Junior suites which can convert to a triple and range from 161 square feet to 215 square feet offering panoramic windows to enjoy the magnificent views and can be interconnected for larger families.


There are four different three to four day itineraries to choose from that be combined up to 14 days to get a comprehensive overview of the islands. The trips are divided into regions- North, West, South and East, and each day guests are treated to two different island adventures led by expert naturalist guides. In between land visits, guests can explore the fascinating marine life with two snorkeling tours per day as well.


After a full day of exploring the region take the time to enjoy the delicious international and Ecuadorian cuisine prepared daily. One of the highlights of the trip is the alfresco BBQ under the stars that is truly magical.


The best way to get to the Galapagos Islands from the U.S. is via JetBlue Airways which offers daily direct flights from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport to Quito Airport. JetBlue will serve the FLL-UIO route with a 150-seat Airbus A320. JetBlue Flight 2851 will leave Fort Lauderdale daily at 7 p.m. and arrive in Quito at 10:34 p.m., all times local. Flight 2850 from Quito to Fort Lauderdale will leave at 11:59 p.m. and arrive at FLL at 5:17 a.m. “The fact that JetBlue has decided to fly here after they’re already flying into Colombia and Lima, Peru, is a huge win for us and a major vote of confidence,” said Andrew O’Brian, CEO of Corporación Quiport, the airport’s operating consortium. “Not just for the country of Ecuador and the city of Quito, but for the airport itself. Because when JetBlue steps in and starts to fly, everybody takes notice.”


From Quito you can catch a regional carrier to either Baltra or San Cristobal to reach the Go Galapagos cruise ship. |




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