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Dr. Calapai and Dorinda Medley


If you don’t know Dr. Christopher Calapai yet, you should. He is a board-certified family practitioner specializing in stem cell research, nutritional health, and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Calapai has been in practice for 31 years. His celebrity clients include Chris Noth; Mike Tyson; Mickey Rourke; Steven Seagal; Donal Logue, of Fox’s hit series Gotham; actress and model Anatasia Garvey.


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Advances in Stem Cell Therapy

Medicine has made some huge advances since Dr. Calapai first earned his license back in 1986. The field of stem cell therapy has experienced a huge boom. “Stem cells are the one type of cell in your body that can become something else, because they don’t have their own blueprints,” he explains. “ They can replace older cells with new cells, making it the ultimate mechanism of repair and anti-aging.”


Healing the Body with Stem Cells

As the field has progressed, so have treatments. “The state of the art process we are doing with stem cells involves taking some bone marrow from the crest of the hip, which is numbed so it isn’t painful. It’s then put into a high-speed centrifuge, and we extract billions of stem cells, which we then inject into a joint or intravenously to reach the organs.” The beauty of stem cells is their ability to help heal the body.


Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

As for the anti-aging ability of stem cells, Dr. Calapai points out that they can be used for facial enhancement or used intravenously to help the body’s organs function the way they did years ago. This means that not only can stem cell therapy make you look younger but also make you feel younger from the inside out. “The beauty of stem cells is that they are programmed to seek out damaged areas, so they migrate to wherever they are needed,” he notes. Combined with other efforts in areas of diet and exercise, the results can be truly dramatic. In other words, when you feel good, you look good, and he can help you with both.


Dr. Christopher Calapai and Anastasia Garvey


Blood Tests & Vitamins

Dr. Calapai also helps clear up common misconceptions, including the myth that if you take vitamins, you’re getting all the nutrients you need. “Patients are always surprised when they see their vitamin levels are low, and they are taking vitamins on their own,” he reveals. “Or they have heavy metal exposure.” His goal is to provide patients with the full picture, instead of just a small slice. “They come in saying, ‘My doctor only does two pages of bloodwork, and I don’t think that’s enough. My patients love the larger test, because they are learning 10 times more than they knew and now there is a lot more we can do to get them healthy.”


Easy Healthy Tricks

To help patients stick with their recommended plans, he offers “little tricks”, such as having a protein shake before you even take a shower and are tempted to reach for that box of cereal. For people who find it hard to motivate themselves to exercise, he encourages them to simply walk around their block. Because most blocks in New York City are rectangular, it becomes easy to keep track of distance and progress. As for the summer, he says red wine is okay. “You can have a glass or two of wine,” he states. “That’s not going to ruin everything, so enjoy it.” Over the years, he has also adjusted his approach to be more like a counselor compared to a standard doctor.

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