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The enchanting sight of the Eternal City at midnight serves as the inspiration for Goldea, The Roman Night, the latest addition to Bulgari’s Goldea Collection. Created for the nocturnal, seductive Roman goddess, Goldea, The Roman Night is a powerfully intense chypre floral musk scent that shines with the brilliance of the original Goldea fragrance. Embodying the queen of the night, Bella Hadid represents the ideal Goldea, The Roman Night muse, capturing glamour itself in her supermodel gaze. Exalting gold in all its forms, Bulgari forges a fragrant preciousness in each Goldea creation to complement a different facet of the contemporary woman. Dea is the Latin word for ‘goddesses’, symbolizing the name of the collection but also the passions of the Roman perfumer-jeweller. Reflecting the inimitable light of Rome, Goldea the Roman Night captures the nocturnal shine of Rome’s stars and the grandeur of the Eternal City at night. The tale of the Goldea, the Roman Night goddess is a story told within the creation of its seductive, powerful fragrance. Created by Master Perfumer, Alberto Morillas, Goldea, The Roman Night is a chypre floral musk fragrance that embodies joy in its purest form, unbridled and dazzling, and bursting with a seductive, ultra-sensual core. Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas reinvents chypre – one of the most iconic signatures in perfumery – by infusing it with his own variety of audacity. Starting with the essential ingredients of its specific character, he crafts it into a modern, ultra-elegant fragrance. Bulgari is proud to introduce this new chypre floral musk, as it opens onto a whole new realm for a woman’s olfactory universe. “This jewel of mesmerizing black musk,” he explains, “is set with luscious mulberry, enhanced by captivating woody notes, and illuminated by the magnetism of jasmine and tuberose.”


Bergamot, rose and oak moss are composed into the classic chypre Alberto Morillas blends with other characteristic ingredients. Adding the fruity essence of citrus to colourful mulberry he permeates the fragrance with a certain youth and magnetism. Rose metamorphoses into a heart of white flowers, plucked with rich, radiant intonations. Moss – the symbol of sensuality in a chypre fragrance – is replaced by powerful black musk that softly caress the skin, while conjuring an irresistible sensuality. Using an innovative extraction process, the Master Perfumer has managed to also preserve all the purest, most radiant aspects of patchouli. BLACK GOLD


“I was captivated by the idea of a mysterious goddess of the night, in the eternal city of Rome: I created Goldea, The Roman Night fragrance in her image. Charismatic, fascinating and seductive, she unleashes her irresistible aura through a golden elixir of white flowers, as they exude their powerful scent at nightfall.” -Alberto Morillas, Master-Perfumer



JEWEL OF THE NIGHT “Night-blooming jasmine and tuberose are irresistible nocturnal beauties. Caressed by the delicious kiss of luscious berries and black peony, they trigger desire and demand celebration. When I first imagined a Roman night, the idea of the chypre-infused signature came to me instantly. Meanwhile, the radiant sensuality of black musk is haunted by an intoxicating patchouli heart and noble vetiver roots.”  -Alberto Morillas, Master-Perfumer


TOP NOTES Luscious Mulberry, Black Peony Juicy – Sparkling – Addictive Delectable notes brim with luscious ripe berries to suffuse the heart with floral energy. HEART NOTES Blooming Jasmine, Tuberose Absolute Floral –Contrasting – Mysterious Beautiful, mysterious, nocturnal white blossoms add their olfactory radiance to the hypnotic character of the fragrance.


BASE NOTES Black Musk, Patchouli Heart, Vetiver Enveloping – Luminous –Sensual Musk cloaked in black and textured woody scents infuse the identity of the fragrance, while they add feminine strength and charisma. The thrilling patchouli heart combines with the vibrant allure of vetiver roots.


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BEWITCHING BOTTLE Hypnotic and symbolic, Bulgari’s Serpenti is the enchanting spirit animal of the Goldea collection, its scales winding around the bottle top. Representing seduction and life, the sinewy serpent was a royal sign of strength for ancient queens. Today, the symbol lives eternal in Bulgari’s Serpenti, begun in the 1940s and now an icon. Scaled with Bulgari glamour, the black serpent coils around the Goldea, The Roman Night bottle, as its fragrance does a woman. Recalling the Roman sky, Goldea’s silhouette conjures those rare and precious moments when the sun, moon and Earth are perfectly aligned. Bulgari gently reinvents Goldea, The Roman Night’s roundness with a sleeker, more contemporary design. Subtly evoking the game of seduction, the bottle embraces contrasts to reinforce a mysterious allure. Encircled by a black line, the transparent cap tops the enchanting elixir. Its perfume box features an interlaced geometric pattern in a sensual open-mesh weave, to recall the tactile nature of Serpenti scales. Glittering with golden accents, it features sparkling diamonds, artfully set by Bulgari’s masterful jewellers. Shining like a scintillating woman, Goldea, The Roman Night embodies its queen of the Roman night.


Goldea, The Roman Night is available beginning September 2017 for $95 (50ml) and $114 (75ml) at Bloomingdales and




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