Finding a job right after college is the main focus of any senior student getting ready to step out into the real world. For some it’s easy, for...

Finding a job right after college is the main focus of any senior student getting ready to step out into the real world. For some it's easy, for others not so much, but when it happens and you finally realize you are where you need to be, it is refreshing.

For a girl with a passion for fashion at a very young age, becoming a model and working in the fashion industry is the ultimate dream come true for Summer Crosley. Immediately after graduating college, Summer moved to Miami, FL—a very fashion conscious city—and little did she know modelling would be there to extend an arm and pull her into the world of fashion.

For her first photo shoot, Summer was a nervous wreck and didn't realize how intimidating a camera could be, especially when all eyes were on her. This nervous streak stayed with her for the first six months of her modelling career. After that, Summer welcomed the camera and became comfortable with being the point of attraction as her confidence grew.

Encouraged by her model agency to make the move to Los Angeles, Summer landed her first role on the series Nip Tuck and most notably her role in Californication. With Cindy Crawford as her role model as a child it is only fitting that Summer would aspire to pursue a career in acting. Nevertheless her modelling ambitions were still alive and well. Summer has been featured in over 100 magazines worldwide—adding international model to her repertoire.

From her travels, Summer was exposed to the devastating and sparse water conditions of other countries, especially with her trip to Bali, Indonesia, where she was inspired to get involved in non-profit organization Ocean Life Conservation. Summer quickly realized the reason behind the awful water conditions was the lack of knowledge on how to protect the ocean via keeping trash and oils out of the oceans, which kills the fish and leaves the water quality to be poor. As a determined and passionate advocate, Summer is helping educate people and spreading the message to keep our oceans clean and protected.

At the moment, Summer is working with Haiti Relief a new charity helping Haitians to recover from the devastating hurricanes, which rip apart communities and kill thousands.

Model, actress and activist—there is more than meets the eye with the beautiful and caring Summer Crosley.

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