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The Kati Roll Company Extends Summer with Three BBQ Collaborations

The Kati Roll Company Extends Summer with Three BBQ Collaborations


The Kati Roll Company, known for serving Indian street food, (and their signature kati rolls–a spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled into Indian flat-bread) is introducing three new takes on BBQ to extend summer for a few extra weeks.



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Launching on Labor Day, KatiCUE (Kati Roll + BBQ) will introduce a new item each week, featuring collaborations with other East Village hotspots — Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Harry & Ida’s and newcomer Randall’s BBQ (opening next spring):


    • SEPT 7-17: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken—Crispy Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken Tender topped with tamarind date chutney, cucumber yogurt relish, red onion and garnished with mint and cilantro rolled into freshly cooked handmade ‘paratha’ flatbread. ($8, or $12 with Orange Cream Lassi). | @blueribbonfc #cluckyeah #katicue


    • SEPT 18-24: Harry & Ida’s— Harry & Ida’s Thickly cut smoked pastrami with Indian ‘Kasundi’ mustard sauce, yogurt and green Chilies, topped with Harry & Ida’s buttermilk cucumber kraut (with red onion and roasted spices). ($8, or $12 with Mango Lassi). | @meatandsupplyco #katicue


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    • SEPT 25-30: Randall’s BBQ— Chaat Masala-rubbed brisket Burnt Ends, smoked over mesquite and pecan wood, topped with cumin, pickled bird’s eye Chili, onions, mango and Chili Chutney BBQ Sauce with a side of vinegar slaw. ($8, or $12 with Mishti Doi Lassi—dulce de leche flavor). | @randallsbarbecue #katicue



All rolls will be offered at The Kati Roll Company’s East Village Location (located at 128 2ND Ave, between 7th Street and St. Marks) and will cost $8 or $12 (with a Lassi pairing). Each roll will be served on their corresponding dates from 11am until supplies last.






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