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The Kooples reveal its new campaign concept for the 2017 Fall-Winter season.The brand is well known for their campaigns featuring real life couples, duos and love encounters, and now introduces a drastic change! The rock’n’roll label reveals two ad campaigns, one for menswear featuring Nick Fouquet, a well-known hat maker of fans “in-the-know”,  and friend  of the brand, whilst the second is embodied with the charm and sensuality of famed model, actor and advocate Emily Ratajkowski.


On the vibrant streets of London, an urban environment symbolic of freedom and energy, we discover Nick and Emily, hair blowing in the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite appearances, the Parisian brand is still talking about love. The disarming charming muse and hat maker, both with a unique folk style are shot as a ‘couple’, each with   the object of their deepest desire. Inseparable from his embroidered jacket, a tribute to the Japanese inspirations of the collection, he hints that this particular piece completes his stylish care-free look. Emily is irresistibly attracted to her Emily by The Kooples bag, which she co-designed with the Parisian brand. She doesn’t need anyone or anything but her bag, a true companion going with her everywhere she travels.


Both of them wear the Fall-Winter collection that transcends the everyday, with sharp masculine allure, and a seductive power. Nick Fouquet’s style is highlighted by a floral shirt, creepers and suit trousers with a pocket chain for a true mix of twisted “British rock” vibe. Emily Ratajkowski wears a light black dress adorned with a flower print for a poetic and mysterious touch that becomes more rock when worn with laced leather boots. Her outfit is enhanced by her Emily by The Kooples bag in carmine red.


As tribute to the affection given to an object that becomes   a companion, this campaign reveals a new facet of The Kooples. Through slogans such as ‘One Love, One Jacket’ or ‘Just Keep My Bag’ engraved on the Emily by The Kooples bag mirror, these images evoke a new definition of love and The Kooples’ spirit as it unfolds to tell new stories in the future.


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