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The Pastel Society of America

The Pastel Society of America’s 45th Annual exhibition, Enduring Brilliance, will open at the National Arts Club on September 5th. They will show pastel paintings from 10 countries by over 175 artists including 150 from the USA. At the end of the show at the Society’s Hall of Fame ceremony they will give out $40,000 in prize money to the wining artists. Past Club president Dianne Bernhard will present one of the major awards, and be recognized as the ‘Patron of Pastels’ for her work supporting young pastel artists. She will host a party in honor of the Society’s President Jimmy Wright.


The Art Spirit Foundation

Bernhard lives art in the tradition of Robert Henri, an American painter with a philosophy that art can be a powerful voice for impacting everything. Art is life, and life is art: they can be one in the same providing a joyous experience of the universe. Dianne is an accomplished painter, teacher, arts advocate and devoted patron. Her background as an art educator led her to develop deep insights into the needs of artists and inspired her to establish the Art Spirit Foundation, an institution committed to the work of living artists. Through Art Spirit’s programs, monetary awards, medals, publishing, and films she continues to advocate for the arts, nurture the renaissance of the pastel medium, as well as create awareness that the rewards of great art should be attained during the life of the artist. Dianne received formal training in art history and business at the University of Houston and Yale University, in addition to Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design. She currently resides in Connecticut and New York, where she continues her commitment to promote the arts and create platforms for art and artists of all mediums.


The National Arts Club

Dianne recently served as President of The National Arts Club, and its Director of Fine Arts. The club’s critically acclaimed programming has boosted membership. “We have attracted a younger crowd and brought in more art-minded people.” said Bernhard. She currently serves as the First Vice President of The Pastel Society of America.


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