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“What happens when a Brazilian art gallery makes it’s way to New York? Well let’s just say, it’s one really cool extravaganza.”


Meet apArt Private Gallery, an art gallery inspired by German collector Christian Boros’ initiative to transform a Berlin bunker into an art gallery, where he also lived. The unique experience provided by apArt is its ability to enable art and it’s creator to come into contact with those who appreciate it.



With apArt being a distinguished leader in exhibiting the works of emerging artists from all over the world, thanks to Founder Thais Marin and NY Executive Director Maria Ines Moraes, they will now introduce the artistry of Marcello Serpa to New York City.


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In fact apArt focuses on trendsetting, hosting artists from all over the world who are able to live in a creative environment and be inspired to develop unique work, which later would be displayed in an exhibition. Through scheduled appointments, guests are able to appreciate, purchase or rent fine art as well as meet and engage in conversation with the emerging artists and designers exhibited at apArt.



The foundation in which we built in São Paulo and Colombia is so innovative and bold that we could not be more excited to bring this to New York”. Thais Marin, Co-Founder apArt Private Gallery.

After successfully selling 350 pieces of art and launching two locations, apArt is now bringing their love for art, music and culture to New York City. apArt  Founder Thais Marin and Entrepreneur Maria Inês Moraes have partnered on launching apArt Private Gallery in NY, at Maria Inês apartment  on October 5, 2017. The private Upper East Side space features over 4,000 square feet of event space and will open its doors to host the opening of “Terebintina” (Turpentine), the first solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Marcello Serpa who will showcase his acrylic on canvas works with an opening performance by Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Maria Gadú.



I grew up smelling the oils of turpentine, creating paintings while I watched my grandfather, an artist from Pernambuco, Brazil, who had a very colorful soul.” States Marcello Serpa.


After winning a number of awards as a Creative Director in advertising in 2015, Marcello Serpa decided that it was time to return to brushes and canvas. Serpa is the first Latino to preside at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000 and is the youngest president in history.

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The exhibition will be “Invite Only” with a pre-exhibit press hour from 6pm-7pm. Opening night festivities will include a performance by Brazilian recording artist, Maria Gadu. While the event is  not open to the general public, the public can schedule visits from October 6, 2017 to December 5, 2017 by emailing [email protected].


The event title sponsors include Barry Company and JakKombi with supporting sponsors from various brands such as Ornare, Pitu, Stella Artois, Your Social Team, Behind the Scenes, Deivisson Machado Flower Designer, Da Terra Brazil Foundation and Majestic Occasion.




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