Publicolor attended the World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science on Sunday, September 24, 2017 along with 750 other  product designers...

Publicolor attended the World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science on Sunday, September 24, 2017 along with 750 other  product designers. Publicolor Summer Design Studio students presented their innovative designs to assist senior citizens with disabilities.

Publicolor students that attended included: Sarah Alvarez (7th grade), Joel Jones (7th grade), Kyler Kelly (9th grade) + Kyrin Kelly (11th grade), Angelina Valerio (8th grade), Erica Jay (8th grade) and Miracle Eziako (8th grade). Students spoke on behalf of their own work and their peers.They were accompanied by their teacher Natasha Seng and Publicolor's Founder and President Ruth Lande Shuman.

The selected ​prototypes that were shown included: Weeble Wobble Glassware, weighted magnetic round bottoms that attached to warm or cool glassware for those with trouble balancing objects. The rounded bottom provide​s​ the cup with non-spill capabilities through the immersion of play. The Value Scale ​which displays a color gradient moving from hot to cold. A ​Shower Handle​​, with a visual guide to indicate warm or cool bath water.  Th​is​ product uses the hue value scale indicating which way to turn the tap to avoid jumping into freezing cold​ or scalding​ water.​ ​The Grippers are individual insoles that can be placed on the bottom of any shoe to prevent slips.​ ​The Chopper help​s​ those cut food safely by using ​two hands to apply more pressure​. ​The ​Cutting ​Board with cut outs for waste mak​es​ cutting more accessible to garbage in one place. The Memory Board Game helps immerse the aging population with their memory through the immersion of play.​ ​​The ​Athletic L​​​eg ​Brace​ is designed​ to help those with leg injuries ​wearing a brace​. It is a bandage that is either flesh colored or clear to not stigmatize them as being disabled or injured.​ ​The Parkinson's ​Cane ​offers a wrist supporter ​to add stability and comfort to the arms​.​ ​

Publicolor | Summer Design Studio (SDS) 2017: Summer Design Studio is composed of at-risk and disaffected students from all over New York City ranging in age from 11-21. The students chose to be part of Summer Design Studio because they took an interest in designing for the Aging Population

Publicolor's goal is to fight poverty by engaging high-risk students, ages 12–24, in a continuum of design-based programs that focus on the development of critical thinking skills, work readiness, community service, and life skills. Unique to Publicolor is the revitalization of under-resourced public schools and nearby community facilities through the power of color and design, the affordable medium of paint, and collaborations that engage students and their community. From Paint Club followed the organic development of the continuum of long-term, intensive college and career readiness programs. Publicolor achieves huge success despite serving youth who are at high risk of dropping out. In 2016-2017, not one of their students dropped out of school, and 100% of their 8th and 9th graders matriculated on time to the next grade. 98% of Publicolor's high school seniors graduated on time compared to a citywide average of 64% for a similar demographic, and 100% of their graduates went on to college compared to 46% of low-income peers nationwide. See Publicolor's website:

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