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Nobu Restaurant accepting the Friend of Peru award


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Over the years, renowned celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa has been recognized for his innovative take on Japanese cuisine which has been influenced by Peruvian ingredients.  After becoming a classically trained sushi chef, Nobu had moved to Peru and opened a sushi restaurant where he spent 3 years integrating this new culture and regional ingredients and thus the signature Nobu style was invented. After his years of promoting and building awareness to Peruvian cuisine, the country of Peru has awarded the Friends of Peru Award to Chef Nobu Matsuhisa for his contributions.  Supporters from the fashion and business industries came together to celebrate at a luncheon hosted by the Minister of Foreign Commerce & Tourism of Peru, Eduardo Ferreyros.  Here are some of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Peruvian influences in his cuisine.


Ministro Eduardo Ferreyros y Drew Nieporent


1.Which Peruvian ingredients are particularly influential to you?


Aji Chili peppers and Lemon




 2.What Peruvian influences can still be found on your menus?


Ceviche, Tiradito, Anticucho and different Salsas


Nobu Restaurant accepting the Friend of Peru award


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3. We’ve heard about the sushi bar you opened in Peru…we credit you with the creation of Tiradito.  Is this true?  Can you tell us about this?


Tiradito came about when a guest asked for a ceviche without onions.  I incorporated the Sashimi / Usuzukuri plating presentation and also made the dish just before serving to keep the fish’s flavor fresh which could be said to have refined the presentation into its popular form of today.  I don’t know if I can be credited for its creation but perhaps for refining it and spreading the dish to its current global recognition by serving it in my restaurants.


Nobu Restaurant accepting the Friend of Peru award


Nobu Restaurant accepting the Friend of Peru award


These fashion industry leaders were in attendance at Nobu for the Friends of PERU Award!
John Varvatos Martin Diment – Senior Design Director and
Luisa Herrera-Garcia –VP Operations & Production
Bonobos Liz HershfieldChief Supply Chain Officer,
Alex Faherty, Mike Faherty Co-Founders, Faherty,
Vineyard Vines – Shep Murray
Co-Founder, Steven Alan
Co-Founder, Drew Nieporent
Co – Founder of Partner Myriad Restaurant Group.
Mallory Andrews, Bergdorf Goodman.


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