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Aura the smart home decor innovator that marries elegant design with cutting-edge technology, has partnered with iconic potter, designer, and author, Jonathan Adler. Adler has been named “Creative Director in Residence” for Aura and will be designing two limited-edition smart frames, the first of which will be available this holiday season.



Getting photos you care about is difficult. Aura magically gathers them from your family and displays them in beautiful frames. By joining forces, Aura and Jonathan Adler provide consumers with a stunningly designed picture frame that utilizes forward thinking technology, which helps families reconnect with their favorite memories and remember what’s important.



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“We created Aura to bring families closer together. Everyone is great at taking photos, but getting those photos back into our lives is so difficult. With Aura, all you have to do is continue taking pictures like normal, and the frame will automatically display the best photos of the people you love in your home, or your family member’s home. Merging our innovative technology with Jonathan Adler’s unique design aesthetic is a no-brainer and a quantum leap forward for smart home decor. Imagine – something that is beautiful AND smart in your home.” said Abdur Chowdhury, CEO and Co-Founder of Aura. “We’re thrilled to reach consumers with an eye for luxury design and help them strengthen family bonds with our intuitive technology.”



“Homes are getting more and more packed with technology, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on good design,” said Jonathan Adler. “I am thrilled to work with Aura to design frames combining my favorite colors and patterns with their mind-blowing technology. Photos of myself have never looked so good!”


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The elegant picture frame powered by innovative technology allows users to continuously view their favorite photos on the highest-quality screen. The accompanying app includes a suite of additional features including facial and pet recognition, unlimited photo storage, and the ability to invite as many family members as you want to contribute photos to a frame. The frames can also be pre-loaded with images, perfect to add a personal flare to any wedding, baby, or holiday gift. Among Aura’s many impressive features is Smart Select, which uses machine learning to detect the people you take pictures of most often, as well as the quality of the photos. The function filters photos with poor resolution, duplicates, poor cropping, and images with nudity and sensitive ID data (like a passport or driver’s license).



The exclusive Aura Frame by Jonathan Adler will be available in a cobalt blue with gold trim featuring an iconic pattern on the backside. Starting October 2017, the frame will be available for purchase for $399 online and at select Jonathan Adler stores across the country.  For more information about Aura Frames by Jonathan Adler, visit




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