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On Thursday October 12th, I decided to make it a gallery event evening. Originally, only planning on attending one, I thought it would be intere...

On Thursday October 12th, I decided to make it a gallery event evening. Originally, only planning on attending one, I thought it would be interesting since both galleries are very unique  and had different styles of work on display.

The first stop was Gallery C24, located in Chelsea on 24th Street. It is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2011, hosting an event for Asia Contemporary Art Week. The gallery has a nice open, almost loft feel to it. It definitely set a leisurely time to the atmosphere. There was art on display by artists from Istanbul, India and Indonesia.

I found the Indian artists work simply stunning with it's little intricacies and for lack of better words, its "spider web-like hand done weaving." There was one large life size jaw-dropping tree made out of this ornate weaving and many other small intricate pieces. Some of the other artists had weaved colorful painted tapestries on stand alone display (which was a perfect backdrop for a photo at the end of my visit!)

Next it was on to the Opera Gallery. This should prove an interesting mix of art lovers and high end socialites. Also, being on Madison and 66th Street that alone makes it a different crowd. 

Upon arriving, I was greeted by a burly security/doorman who didn't utter a word. Once stepping into the gallery, there was a surge of energy in the air. The world renowned artist Andre Brasilier was there and it was inspiring to see such an active 88 yo person. It definitely contributed to everyone's positive attitude and kept the night very light, fun and intimate. The gallery having 3 floors still managed to feel warm and inviting. Some of the artists pieces have been inspired by his many years of travel.

Much of the subject matter was surrounded around horses of multiple palettes sprinkled with the occasional different subject matter. The artist left us with the message "What I want is to leave a message of love, a vision of life that I particularly love, that triggers delight, – I hope when people gaze upon it" ;something I think we all can relate to.

The nicest touch of the evening was onne you reached the 3rd floor, you were given an opportunity to meet and get an autographed book from the artist as champagne overflowed. It was a great evening, and will attend another if they're events.

Emir Bahadir

Founder and Principal, Bahadiring Realty

Real Estate Mogul, Entrepreneur, and Professional Jetsetter Emir Bahadir founded Bahadiring Realty as a brokerage and development firm and further evolved the company to encompass his lifestyle, entertainment and commerce endeavours. The 26-year-old property magnate and heir to a generations-old Turkish real estate empire has a natural eye for luxury. Emir has an extensive knowledge of property development and wants to bring his expertise to the upper echelons of New York's residential market.  In 2014, he orchestrated an alliance with his family's real estate company in Turkey, which affords Bahadiring Realty the opportunity to connect with investors in Europe and the Middle East and gain international exposure.

Having travelled the world and enjoying only its finest things, Emir's personal brand "Bahadiring" represents the lifestyle, entertainment, and commerce arm of his organization. Emir wants to share his top-of-the-line lifestyle with the world, thus, Bahardiring has organically grown from a hashtag to an all-encompassing brand.

With a following of 500,000+ on his verified Instagram account, @emirbahadir, Emir has created his own category of luxury lifestyle by chronicling his over-the-top jet-setting escapades using the popular hashtag #bahadiring.  In 2016, Emir starred in the upcoming docuseries/TV show called Rich Kids of Instagram and he is working on a new documentary for the French network M6 in Paris.

A globally recognized businessperson, Emir regularly participates in international entrepreneurship panels including for İstanbul TALKS. He regularly graces the covers and is a fixture in luxury Mediterranean and European outlets including Hello Magazine and Grazia.

Along with his personal endeavours and work in real estate, Emir is also heavily involved in the tech industry. He has invested in Magnises, a VIP membership-only community focusing on enhancing the social lives of its New York City members, amongst many other tech companies.

Emir has also been able to translate his love of art into something tangible, he is a founding patron at the Whitney Museum and a junior associate at the MoMA.

Emir Bahadir was educated at the prestigious American School in Switzerland and ultimately earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in technology management and business management from New York University.

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