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Libbie Mugrabi moved to New York at age 18 to study classic French cooking at culinary school, but never became a professional chef, as life led her down another path. She met her future husband, an international art dealer at age 21, married three years later and had two children. She still loves working in the kitchen, and gives dinner parties, although she now eschews heavy foods. "I like to eat really healthy; very basic, healthy, clean food." Her dining room is lined with Andy Warhol Flower paintings.

Art collector

"Basquiat is definitely my favorite artist," says Libbie Mugrabi. "It's very colorful. It's strong. It has a very cool aspect to it." Libbie has honed her tastes in fine art through going to art shows and auctions. "We collect art, and my husband's a dealer so we live with a lot of art at home." That is something of an understatement; her husband, David Mugrabi along with his brother, and their father, owns one of the world's most valuable private art collections. It includes hundreds of works by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and George Condo,

Art Basel

"It's a very time-consuming business," she says. There are alot of art fairs, requiring travel around the world. "Being married to an art dealer is a very social business," she adds. She was with the family at the big Damien Hirst auction in London when the New York Times profiled them. "I love being part of the art world." Said Libbie who counts many famous artists among her friends, and some, including Hirst, Enoc Perez, and Richard Prince, have done portraits of her and her family. She will be traveling to Miami for Art Basel at the beginning of December.

Tight Spa

As well as being an art consultant Libbie is in the beauty business. Last summer, she and her sister, Mia Rowe, started a medical spa called Tight, in the Hamptons, offering noninvasive beauty treatments like fillers and peels. Her brother-in-law, noted Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, performs the procedures. "I decided there was huge gap out there as far as these treatments, if you wanted to get Botox or nonsurgical fat removal on your legs or filler in your cheeks," says Libbie.
The Kardashians

Recently added treatments include microblading for the eyebrows; something called an "eye lift," a sort of perm for the eyelashes; vaginal rejuvenation; and the "vampire facial," in which anti-aging cells are mixed with a little of your blood and reinjected, removing lines, blemishes, and marks. You may have heard of this procedure, as the Kardashians are fans, says Libbie. Mugrabi comes from a family of plastic surgeons – her father, sister Mary, and several cousins all practice. Her grandfather was one of the first plastic surgeons in New York City and her mother, Jane Scher, is a certified cosmetic nurse injector.

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