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Today’s discerning homeowners demand appliances that are functional and connected, yet capable of contributing to a home’s décor. The beautiful...

Today's discerning homeowners demand appliances that are functional and connected, yet capable of contributing to a home's décor. The beautiful smart home of the 21st century is a reality with the marriage of brands like the LG SIGNATURE line of luxury appliances and Google Assistant on Google Home. Yet, LG has gone above and beyond by incorporating technology that does not undermine beauty and design. The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, for example, has a premium 24-inch front load capability, yet still presents a clean and streamlined appearance. A touch-enabled Quick Circle User Interface is embedded in the glass door at just the right angle to provide total control and ensure flawless care. The unique pedestal TWINWash Mini, located under the main unit, enables users to wash two loads of laundry at the same time. With Google Home, owners can easily start the appliance, and check the time remaining during wash cycles.

While a washer might be out of sight, the refrigerator often plays a dominant role in any kitchen décor. The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator represents the ultimate in functionality, appearance, and a refined sense of living with an innovative InstaView Door-in-Door feature that, with a simple knock, makes an opaque compartment transparent. No more standing in front of an open refrigerator, losing cold air, while wondering what there is to eat. Other tech savvy advances include an Auto Door Open, which activates as the user approaches to allow for hands-free access. Owners can use Google Home to check temperatures or "ask" the refrigerator to make more ice on command.

As more homeowners become eco-conscious, air quality has moved to the forefront of a concerned and informed consumer. LG listened and responded with an exquisitely-designed SIGNATURE Air Purifier. With its innovative transparent panel, the air cleaning process can also be a beautiful visual experience. This unit harnesses the power of water to adjust humidity levels, while filtering out harmful contaminants and chemicals, within an impressive 300 square-foot radius. The semi-permanent Black Filter System can be washed and reused for up to ten years. With a simple voice command, users can use the Google Assistant to adjust settings or receive up-to-the-minute air quality readings and verbal feedback on operational status.

LG has also distilled and refined the viewing experience with their impressive cinema-quality, sleek, SIGNATURE OLED TVs. Boasting over 45 design, technology, and innovation awards, the OLED TV focuses on the beauty of the screen itself. A razor-thin profile makes it appear to be floating in mid-air, while Active HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio produce life-like sound and images, helping to achieve the pinnacle of viewing enjoyment.

With the ever-evolving world of the smart home, there is no need to sacrifice beauty and LG delivers on its commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with exquisite design details.

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