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A leading pioneer in the Canadian fashion industry, Marie Saint Pierre is an established fashion designer known for her creations, entrepreneurial spirit and engagement in the community. Her style embraces graphic and linear effects, combining luxurious fabrics and state of the art workmanship.




Her inspiration stems from the world around her; incorporating tradition, music, architecture, culture and natural elements into her pieces. A considerable focus on women, in particular empowering women is unmistakable when viewing Marie’s designs. The use of bold colors and lines highlight a woman’s energetic and tenacious nature.



Her creations are defined by a combination of elements balancing form and function with empowerment, and timeless design. Marie creates an inextricable link to the balance of nature and technology to produce unique upscale items for the dominant women of our society.



Through the years, Marie’s studious research and development efforts have allowed her to discover new methods to answer design considerations as well as functionality requirements. Her pieces are thoughtfully devised to ensure wear ability, especially for a businesswoman, charging through life. Her focus on technical properties forms the basis of the creation process giving her designs a timeless element that extends beyond one season or trend. Her pursuit for innovation becomes the heart of her designs, which allows Marie to create cutting edge material.



The material used in her designs pay homage to reducing her footprint in this world. Her preferred fabrics are produced in an eco-compatible way that addressed the protection of the environment. The key characteristics of these fabrics like endurance and sun block technology reduces negative environmental impact, while still producing a high quality piece.



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Her dedication to helping extends beyond the environment with her charity Sous Zero Fund, created in 2004. This fund provides all the necessary clothing to play outside in the long winter months to underprivileged Montreal and Quebec City children. Since its creation, the Fund, which brings together many volunteers and sponsors, has distributed new snowsuits, boots, hats and mittens to more than 10,000 children.



The Canadian born fashion avant-garde designer is a strong powerful woman, with many achievements in her life and in her industry. Her dedication to clothing women who are just as equally compelling embraces the values of this time and future times. Marie understands the fashion industry is forever transitioning and her style and design concepts adapt to the current environment to offer customers a timeless piece perfect for any setting.






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