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The spirit is created and bottled entirely in Schiedam, Holland, where it is fermented and purified by the perfected centuries old five column distillation process. The raw high proof grain spirit is polished off by blending with exceptionally pure water treated through reverse osmosis pressurized technology in order to remove all traces of impurity. 3 KILOS VODKA GOLD 999.9 features a gentle palate with hints of grapefruit, vanilla and almond, followed by a crisp mineral finish.


With a signature patented gold bullion shaped bottle (available in 750ml and 1L), 3 KILOS VODKA GOLD 999.9’s design inspiration embodies purity and strength, and represents America’s historic opening of the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, in 1937. This year marked the heightened gold standard when the commodity was on the rise of both power and worth.



“We are ecstatic to bring to the US market our unique and ever so luxurious product — 3 KILOS VODKA. We don’t just pride ourselves on great packaging, but we also standbehind the quality of what is inside. 3 KILOS VODKA is pure and velvety smooth — try it for yourself.”, quotes the 3 KILOS VODKA team.


3 KILOS VODKA is available in Denmark, England, France, Iceland, Poland, Russia, Lebanon, Vietnam, Japan, and other global locations. In the U.S., 3 KILOS VODKA GOLD 999.9 is now available for sale in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Indiana, California Illinois and Georgia. 2018 will bring brand extensions of 3 Kilos 999.9 Silver: Gluten Free, and 3 Kilos Coco Gold, made with fresh coconuts.


3 Kilos Vodka is held and distributed by Prestige Royals Liquor Corporation of New York, NY.

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