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There is something for everyone in the charming city of New Haven, home to the Ivy League Yale University, which has seen its fair share of academic, theatric and art legends. The city comes complete with an interesting history of firsts, like the first hamburger at Louis’ lunch and even the first lollipop was born in 1892 when George C Smith decided to see what would happen if he put a stick into a ball of candy. This colonial city is abundant with a town center lined with bewitching trees, brownstone buildings and delicate churches; like something you would see in the beloved show Gilmore Girls. With a rich history in immigration, New Haven is known for its exotic cultures and interesting attractions, suitable for the whole family. If a weekend is all you have, then a weekend is all you need in this lovable setting.


Where to Stay

The Study at Yale
If you’re looking for an ideal place, within walking distance of attractions, shops and restaurants, then The Study at Yale is the quintessential option for you. The Study at Yale is a lifestyle hotel located in the heart of Yale University’s vibrant Arts campus and is only steps away from the University’s museums, theaters, libraries and cultural centers. The Study at Yale offers guests an unmatched level of personalized service, style and comfort while capturing the essence of a Yale experience in the unparalleled New Haven area.


Each guestroom enfolds you in serenity and sophistication with features such as a comfortable leather chair, reading lamp, feather topped bed and luxurious floored bath. The best feature would be the extended window-facing workspace, which gives guests a front row seat to spectacular views of Yale in all its glory. The Lobby area is outfitted with soft lounge chairs, an array of daily periodicals, and the main event: floor to ceiling bookcases filled with a selection of books chosen by the renowned Strand Bookstore in New York City.


Located on the ground floor is the Heirloom Restaurant and Lounge, which offers the perfect backdrop for socializing or just relaxing. The menu draws its inspiration from the New England Pantry, which provides only the freshest ingredients sources from the heritage growers and neighboring artisan purveyors of Connecticut and New England.


What to do

Tour Yale
No stay in New Haven is complete without a guided tour of the prestigious and charming Yale University campus. Visitors will be guided by Yale college students who aim to provide a glimpse into the history and architecture of the University, including a detailed look at some of the famous statues like the nations first spy, Nathan Hale, who stands proudly on the greens of his alma mater. The tours start at the Yale Visitor Center, where visitors can watch a short informative video before departing on the walk on tour. Patrons will hear about Yale’s rich 300-year history and aspects of student life at several of Yale’s twelve residential colleges, while making their way through the boundless tree lines, offering hues of oranges, reds and yellows in the fall, which blanket the greens in ceaseless color. The tour also includes the Gothic Sterling Memorial Library, Yale’s largest, and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript library; constructed with more than 100 panels of translucent marble and houses the worlds preeminent collections of rare materials, including the Gutenberg Bible.


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If you prefer to explore on your own, purchase a copy of the Blue Trail Map and set off on your own adventure exploring all Yale has to offer. The map includes a suggested self-guided tour route and a brief history of the University, so you don’t miss out on anything that would be said in a group tour.

Taste of New Haven

New Haven is home to some first-rate culinary experiences in Connecticut, including a substantial emphasis on pizza. Taste of New Haven Food and Drink Tours offers visitors the opportunity to be guided on foodie adventures that show off the city’s rich culture and history. Guests will taste their way through New Haven forming a connection with local food, culture and history. The tour consists of numerous culinary stops such as the famous Frank Pepe Pizzeria, where you will taste the acclaimed white clam pie and tomato pie, which will transport you back to the tradition of what a pizza is meant to be. Tikkaway is next up where you can sample traditional Indian food, in a quick modern setting, from then G café Bakery is where you go to grab an espresso and a piece of the best walnut and cranberry bread in the area. The tour even includes a stop at Louis’ lunch, the birthplace of the hamburger. Once you enter the charming little house, you will notice most of the furniture and equipment dates back to the 1900s and the only item on the menu is the Original Burger, which contains a patty sandwiched between two slices of toasted bread, a slice of tomato, cheese and onion. The original bread toaster and cast iron charcoal grill still stands strong and the chairs and tables are engraved with the signatures of long dead patrons. The last stop is a hop across the road in the ever intriguing Bar where you can sample a paddle of beers accompanied with more pizza, but this time the mash potato and bacon pizza is the famed item on this menu.


The Taste of New Haven Tour is an entertaining way to explore this charming city, while gaining a real appreciation for its locals and fascinating history.


Yale University Art Gallery and Yale Center for British Art
Relive your college days touring art galleries and appreciating the talented brush stroke of Degas or the imagination of Picasso at Yale’s Art Gallery, which is home to collections that span all periods and cultures, but is especially strong in its works of African sculptures, American decorative and fine arts, Italian paintings and modern art. The museum displays works by well-known artists such as Degas, Duchamp, Lichtenstein, Miro, Mondrian, Picasso, Rothko and many more.


Located on Chapel Street, a stone throw away from the Study at Yale Hotel is the Yale Center for British Art where guests are welcome to view the largest collection of works of British art outside of the United Kingdom. The center was established in 1966 when Paul Mellon, a 1929 Yale graduate gifted his British art collection to the university, which contains thousands of drawings, manuscripts, paintings, prints, rare books and sculptures from the Elizabethan period to the 19th Century. The center also holds exhibitions and special events, which draw, in large public crowds, such as the current Clare Twomey’s “Made in China” exhibition. Twomey’s installation is a portrait of the international ceramic industry and populates the entire building with 80 red vases scattered around, waiting to be discovered.


Where to Eat

John Davenport’s (Omni New Haven)
Start your day off right, with sweeping 360 views of the radiant New Haven on the 19th floor of Omni Hotels and Resorts. Upon exiting the elevator, guests are greeted by an impressive breakfast spread laid out buffet style. Fresh fruits, yoghurts, organic cereals, breads, pastries, scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, potatoes and coffee and tea prevail the extensive tables situated on another level to the dining tables. If the breakfast buffet isn’t what you’re looking for, the menu also offers items such as egg white frittata’s, smoked salmon platter, eggs benedict, avocado toast and corned beef hash bowl. The upscale atmosphere is the perfect setting for a sophisticated brunch with friends, before exploring the charming city.

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Claire’s Corner Copia
Visit Claire’s Corner Copia, just a short walk from The Study at Yale Hotel, where the lovely Claire, serves the finest vegetarian meals to the people of New Haven. This eco-friendly restaurant, which has been serving New Haven since 1975 is known for its gluten free and even no-cholesterol options, but particularly the Lithuanian Coffee Cake. Claire prides herself with offering the best, organic and healthy options. Guests can choose from a selection of delicious items including vegan whole grain pancakes, seasonal goodness sandwich and granola with homemade fruit and organic wheat.


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