GBK Productions present “A Golden Affair” Luxury Lounge with Blue Nun in Honor of the 75th Golden Globe Awards

GBK Productions present “A Golden Affair” Luxury Lounge with Blue Nun in Honor of the 75th Golden Globe Awards

This year, the GBK Luxury Lounge was all about the Gold. Nominees and Presenters were gifted “golden” technology and gifts throughout the lounge...

This year, the GBK Luxury Lounge was all about the Gold. Nominees and Presenters were gifted "golden" technology and gifts throughout the lounge presented by Blue Nun. Blue Nun was founded in 1789, is a family owned winery located in the Mosel region of Germany headed today by 7th generation Patrick Langguth. Attendees were greeted at the door with a refreshing glass of Blue Nun 24K Edition, with swirling 24K gold flakes, and then gifted a tote with over 40 products from The Artisan Group, which includes a collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories, spa and bath products, candles, cosmetics, clutches, pet accessories, stationery, and other handmade gifts from their artists.

MyManu, a revolutionary manufacturer and designer of smart consumer electronics that empower and enrich people's experience through the power of sound, gifted Mymanu Clik, the World's first truly wireless earbuds with live translation of 35 languages and most pristine sound quality. As the celebrities learned about the translation capabilities of this amazing device, Hiro Blue Junmai Ginjo Sake, poured their super premium Japanese "Golden Sake" that is crafted in Niigata Japan and naturally gluten free, sulfite free and low in calories.

Talent made their way through the lounge, displaying gorgeous rugs by, being gifted original artwork by LMK Art, hand-made exquisite golden jewelry from California by BOPULENT, and a savvy travel kit from Noshinku, a brand new premium hand sanitizer made with spa-quality organic ingredients. Noshinku bundled their flagship bergamot hand sanitizer, with a modal travel bag by ICONSPEAK and premium noise cancelling earbuds by Happy Ears for a clean and modern travel kit that every celebrity can use. Tarnish-Me-Not, a patent-pending hypoallergenic coating that creates a clear barrier onto jewelry for long-lasting, flawless protection against rapid tarnish, allergic reactions and discoloration. Their easy-to-use aerosol spray gives you the luxury to wear jewelry with confidence and comfort, while enhancing the value and life span your most precious metals.

The attendees also walked away with the sought after wireless Vinci headphones with 3D recording and fitness sensors, the Avocado Sock, an all-natural and effective way to speed up the ripening process of an avocado to ensure a perfectly ripe avocado every single time, and the CO2Lift by Lumisque, which is a state of the art carboxy therapy treatment mask for the Face, Eyes, Neck and Hands that is clinically proven to Lift, Hydrate, & Rejuvenate your skin with immediate results and no downtime. Celebs were also introduced to Rodney D. Bullard, Executive Director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation, who shared his new book, Heroes Wanted. In his book, he shares inspiring stories he hopes will help demonstrate compassion in meaningful ways to the people around you, understand the nature of courage and how to make brave choices, share your story in a way that will provide hope to the downhearted.

The Mill, a visual effects and content creation studio collaborating on VFX, digital and design projects for the advertising, games and music industries, partnered with Today, I am Brave, and demonstrated their cutting-edge narrative content in Virtual Reality, around the topic of bravery. Today, I'm Brave gifted inspirational accessories and products that encourage bravery everyday including their classic Today, I'm Brave t-shirt, necklace, shoelaces, affirmation cards and USB flash drives with the "best of" Brave stories by their Brave ambassadors including Rosie Perez and Curt Smith from Tears for Fears.

After coming back to reality from their VR experience, Good Greek Grill, LA's only authentic Greek gyro stand, provided lunch and gifted an Exclusive New Gyro Party to the stars. Moraga Vineyards paired beautifully with the Greek creations, pouring their white and red selections, and gifting an exclusive Golden VIP Experience at Moraga Wines in Bel Air with a tasting of the finest wines and crudité. While wining and dining, guests learned about the incredible organization Food on Foot, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the poor and homeless of Los Angeles through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, work opportunities and ultimately the transition to full-time employment and life off the streets.

The golden theme was continued with Avery Verse, gifting luxurious Australian Designed Italian Leather Handbags with golden clasps, and Burke Williams offering their Golden Mask and massages on-site, as well as gifting a complete spa experience at any of their locations, with dedicated and professional experts to treat the celebs to the ultimate in relaxation and renewal. After their massage, Too Faced Cosmetics provided makeup touch ups and product from their Chocolate Gold collection, including Chocolate Gold Bar Palette, Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer, Melted Gold liquid lipstick, and Better Than Sex Mascara.

ADM Entertainment, Adam Gomez, is a favorite DJ in the entertainment industry and kept the vibe up and crowd dancing, as they were drawn to the Nanoleaf technology that was synched with his beats. Nanoleaf's The Rhythm makes it possible to see sound, visually remastering your music into animated displays of color and light. The Rhythm is a small sound module that plugs into any Nanoleaf Light Panel, automatically picking up on beats, sounds and melodies with its built-in audio sensor to translate the sounds into melodic light shows.

Kinetic Magic was a hit of the lounge, showcasing their 13-foot screen, and offering a truly unique dancing and visually stimulating experience for all. Kinetic Magic gifted talent with an immersive augmented realty video projection installation for recipients to entertain guests at future parties and events with interactive visuals highlighting beautifully stylized versions of themselves dancing and painting on a large life-size screen, valued at over seven thousand dollars.

To top it all off, talent was gifted "A Golden Invitation" from Caribbean Living, inviting them to Royal Hideaway PlayaCar for a complimentary 5-night stay for them and a guest at the all-inclusive resort.

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