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Don’t be fooled by the name folks, you cannot actually book a room at The McKittrick Hotel. This hotel was planned to be New York City’s finest and most luxurious hotel of its time, in 1939. But six weeks before opening, and two days after the outbreak of the second world war, the legendary hotel had to be left locked. It is best known for their interactive theatre experience Sleep No More which has a Black Mirror-esque vibe. Whether enjoying a Galantines day with friends or a romantic evening, this is something you will never forget!


Sleep No More is an experience that is beyond words that is inspired by Macbeth. Upon entrance to this event, every guest is given a mask and it has to be worn until the end of the performance where speaking is forbidden which heightens the sensation. The entire hotel is a low lit stage with and guests are free to explore on their own, which makes for some exciting performances. You’ll be wandering through different rooms on different floors, following individual actors who many drag you into different sections of the hotel to perform different scenes. This award-winning theatrical experience is the place to be this Valentine’s Day! Be sure to make your way all the way down for the climactic ending.


If you want to have an exciting and thrilling evening, head on over to the McKittrick Hotel for an only in NY experience. You can purchase tickets online at Afterwards enjoy a drink in the 30s inspired Manderley Bar designed as an intimate speakeasy lounge with live music from a sultry jazz trio.




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