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The basics of keeping any home running smoothly have not changed in decades – mop, vacuum, change light bulbs, set thermostat, mow lawn, do laundry, stock refrigerator, keep family safe, and repeat. Until now, these tasks required some very real physical effort, but advances in Wi-Fi, digital technology, and mobile communications have made the idea of a Smart Home or a home that is quickly and intuitively able to run itself, a reality.


The first step in crafting a Smart Home begins with the hub or control center.  Controlled by voice commands or smart devices, it is integral that each is compatible with the other, and fully integrated into the control hub.


With connectivity comes a heightened level of responsibility and, therefore, it is crucial to keep security and privacy as top priorities. Strong password protection is essential and it is recommended that homeowners install a smart router to run security software at a network level instead of securing each individual device.


What will you need to get start and make your house SMART?  The list below is an excellent place to begin:


Smart Home Essentials




Titan Core All-In-One Smart Home and Entertainment Hub:

Voice recognition for personalized experience. Digital multimedia hub allows easy access to videos, music, games, and podcasts. Watch premium movie and television content via streaming. Control and manage lights, thermostat and home security. Make hands-free voice and video calls.



Google’s Smart Home Router:

This is Google’s approach to the ascetic and functionality of a router controlled with a smartphone.



iRobot® Braava jet® 240 Mopping Robot:

Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, the Braava jet Mopping Robot is great for quietly mopping floors, especially in dirty and tight spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Features iRobot HOME App and three cleaning modes (wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping). All the user does is fill the water reservoir, attach the appropriate cleaning pad, and press clean.

Shark ION ROBOT™ 750 Connected Robotic Vacuum:

With Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control, the ION ROBOT is the perfect solution for everyday upkeep. An easy-to-use smartphone mobile app allows the user to program, schedule and monitor the robot from anywhere. Smart Sensor Navigation seamlessly navigates floors and carpets, while proximity sensors assess and adapt to surrounding obstacles.



Harman Kardon Allure Voice-Activated Speaker:

Powered by Amazon Alexa Voice Service to provide information, place orders, play music, and control smart home features. Built-in microphone array with advanced noise cancellation technology allows hands-free voice control from across the room. Stream room-filling music wirelessly from mobile devices via Bluetooth.



Harman Kardon Invoke 2-Way Wireless Smart Speaker:

The intelligent voice-activated speaker with premium sound and Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant. Enjoy powerful 360° sound, get answers to questions, manage schedules, set and receive reminders, make and receive hands-free Skype calls, and voice-control smart home devices.



August Smart Door Lock:

Bluetooth-enabled this Android or Apple compatible device allows any home to benefit from a keyless entry system.



Canary Smart Home Security:

This system combines an HD wide-angle surveillance camera with an advanced alarm system. With motion-activated technology, real-time recording can stream directly to a smartphone with high quality audio and night vision.


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Nest Smart Smoke Detector & Alarm:

This “must have” detects carbon monoxide sending important alerts directly to Wi-Fi devices.



Nest Smart Thermostat:

This intelligent thermostat teaches itself and uses an auto-scheduling program to help make the home more energy efficient.



Smart Coffee Machine:

Smarter is a coffee machine that can be controlled by smartphone, making it effortless to schedule your special brew from anywhere.





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