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Step into the unique world of Cédric Grolet, named World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef by Les Grandes Tables du Monde in 2017, and discover his bold creations for the first time in a store. With his innovative vision, he pairs visual beauty with technical prowess to present a selection of unique desserts, like the trompe-l’oeil sculpted fruits that made the talented pastry chef famous, in extra-clear glass cases. Filled with subtle flavors, this new space will offer exclusive access to Cédric Grolet’s creations.


Since simple pleasures are often the best, batches of fresh-baked madeleines, chewy cookies, and brioche dough Bundt cakes will also be available to take home. These delights will be offered in limited editions, and the store will close every day after the last happy customer snags the final dessert. Desserts for four to eight people to share will later be available to order with 48 hours’ notice (date to be determined).


Cédric Grolet likes to share his skill and create moments of togetherness that produce lasting memories, so he has designed innovative experiences to introduce people to his world. His motto is, “beauty brings them in but taste brings them back.” In the boutique, a pastry chef will demonstrate key steps in making certain signature desserts and their raw materials will be on display, revealing their secret ingredients!


“Cédric is guided by two rules. First, keep it simple – which everyone knows is very hard to do, because you have to forget easy options, pare down, and keep only what’s essential. His second rule is to draw inspiration from nature, an ambition that has opened up a new and promising field in the world of desserts.” Alain Ducasse, excerpt from the introduction to the book Fruits, by Cédric Grolet (Ducasse Edition)


Le Meurice and Cédric Grolet worked with the French architects’ collective Ciguë, together designing a unique concept to breathe new life into French pastry. From the first meeting, Cédric Grolet was immediately won over by the ambitious project created by the young team, who stepped into his world and understood his desires. They worked together for several weeks at


Le Meurice’s pastry laboratory in order to capture the chef’s spirit. The materials they chose – enameled lava, waxed brass, Hainaut Blue Stone, and blown glass bells – bring an ultra-modern touch to the space.


Le Meurice’s Pastry Boutique by Cédric Grolet, 6 Rue de Castiglione 75001, Paris will open Tuesday to Sunday starting at noon.


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