“I’m very adventurous; I enjoy exploring and reinventing myself all the time ,”  explains Irene Michaels who is an actress as well as a beauty and...

Lifestyle & Beauty Guru

"I'm very adventurous; I enjoy exploring and reinventing myself all the time," explains Irene Michaels who is an actress as well as a beauty and lifestyle expert. Michaels is the founder of where she writes about these and other topics, from living your best life to interviewing stars at the Oscars and the Golden Globes or chatting with George Clooney at the Venice Film Festival. Michaels is also a champion equestrian, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur whose beauty line, I On Youth, is a favorite of celebrities including Eva Longoria and Dolly Parton, and that's just right now. Michaels, was a dancer, model, and actress with a recurring role on General Hospital. She has formed several businesses, including a modeling agency, a company that produced corporate events, and a contracting firm that rehabilitated vintage homes.

Irene Michaels & Elton John
Irene Michaels & Elton John

I On Youth                                  

"I love the area of beauty and wellness because I like to inspire women and men alike in how to be attractive from the inside out," Michaels says. "When people start to lose their youth, all sorts of things go through their minds and I like to be here to remind them of always having that healthy and beautiful attitude in spite of life's challenges." The I On Youth by Irene Michaels line, made in Chicago and sold on, consists of four products: an under eye serum, a coloring correcting cream, a cleansing cream and a makeup wipe. It's based on formulas of her own that she had been using for years. "I would get stopped by people asking me how I look so young at my age and how do I stay so fit, so I just decided to share some of my products with them."

Tonys, Oscars  & Grammys

Michaels' I On the Scene web site covers the entertainment world, including the Oscars, Tonys, Grammys and New York Fashion Week. "There's always important events to cover." In addition to beauty and lifestyle, the site has grown over the years to encompass travel, fashion, politics and profiles of prominent people and celebrities including Gene Simmons, Bruce Stern, Dolly Parton  Michaels is married to Arny Granat, founder of Jam Productions. He has been the top concert promoter in Chicago for the last 45 years and his won nine Tonys including Best Musical Revival for The Color Purple. As Irene's adventures  grew, so did the website. "I always traveled, but not as much as I do now," says Michaels. "I'm traveling to more exotic and interesting places, so I have added a segment on travel."

Irene Michaels & Colin Farrell
Irene Michaels & Colin Farrell

Equestrian & Philanthropist

Horseback riding is Michael's  passion. "It's more than just a hobby," she says. This also extends to working with equine charities, including HARP and Horses Without Humans, which both help find homes for retired racehorses. "I just recently took a horse off the race track, a beautiful eight-years-old, and brought it to a stable where they cared for it, trained it, and found a foster home for it." Another favorite among the causes Michaels supports is the Wounded Warrior Project, benefiting veterans. In addition to her work and maintaining her daily health and beauty regimens, Michaels is working on a book about beauty at any age

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