On this sunny day in early May, Blox, the new architecture and design center in Copenhagen has finally opened.

The Dutch Ellen van Loon of OMA fame is the architect behind the building. It has been quite controversial among the locals and critics around the world. The atmosphere in the medieval part of Copenhagen is delicate and not something to run experiments on. And perhaps it does look a bit out of place, a massive construction of steel and glass next to the classic colorful Copenhagen houses. But in this Copenhageners opinion, the new venue is going to have a very positive impact in the area. I have lived in this part of the city on and off for some 20-odd years and this particular spot was one that I would never go to until now.

Blox opens up the city from a new location. It adds three stunning views of the city that didn't exist before. The facilities will allow for high level exhibitions and shows. The cafés and terraces offer nice meeting spaces or places to relax. There is a restaurant and a gym that both have extraordinary views. The outdoor space encourages casual strolling or playing at the playground. With all this, I am certain that a lot of people will find their way to the area. This will create even more life around the canals where you can also go for a swim — an activity that is popular during winter as well as summer.

It's estimated that some 200.000 people will visit Blox annually. Next time you find yourself in Copenhagen, you should consider joining them!

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