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It’s become common knowledge – even outside the food world – that the earth’s oceans have declining stockpiles of our favored fishes. Soon, we might see a future with no bluefin tuna, salmon or other high-end fish that America and the rest of the developed world (especially Japan) has come to adore. That is the thesis behind Seamore’s, an ever-expanding seafood restaurant in New York that’s recently opened its fourth location, its first in Brooklyn.


In the Manhattan’s hyper competitive food scene, even the takeout comes with serious culinary prestige.


Chef Wesley Wobles — whose impressive CV boasts executive chef positions at 8 celebrated NYC and Paris restaurants, including Café Del Mar in Greenwich Village and Le Midi at Union Square — has opened his first standalone effort in a small but colorful storefront at 70 East 1st Street in the East Village.



With his new eatery dubbed Pinky’s Space, Wobles hopes to reimagine what “take away” means with whimsical presentation and a seriously gourmet menu.

Pinky’s has an almost carnivalesque atmosphere, with his signature “Space Cake” desserts (red velvet, brownie, and banana yogurt) spinning in the windows, a mural of colorful hearts filling a wall, along with stickers, candy and cocktail umbrellas up for grabs on the counter. Forgoing plates, his food comes served in jolly blue-and- white-striped cups, set into a dazzling disk and packed into a pink cake box.


But don’t stop in looking for cotton candy, Wobles, who trained at the Le Cordon Bleu and worked as a private chef for both Bill Clinton and Salvatore Ferragamo, is drawing upon his time in Paris and New Orleans to create dishes like ratatouille, braised brisket, fresh buttermilk and cornmeal biscuits and roasted turkey breast with lingonberry jam.



Wobles says that he had looked at spaces in Brooklyn but jumped at the chance to open next to the 2nd Avenue F train station. He hopes that he will be able to open additional restaurants near other transit hubs soon.


Although, Pinky’s Space represents a fairly unique approach to French-Southern fusion, reviewers are responding positively to quality of the food and original vibe.


“Brand New, life-changing Southern-style biscuits. This place is AWESOME: quirky vibes (neon signage, free stickers, Talking Heads playing), mouth-watering Southern food (brisket /sausage) that you can take to go, open early and late,” reads a recent Yelp review by Olivia S.


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“This is a strange little new takeout spot serving a small menu of Southern food with a hint of French influence,” reviewer Mike C. added. “The space itself is fun, with the best thing about it probably being the huge pile of stickers.”


Though Manhattan has become increasingly dominated by chain Mexican and salad joints, a small restaurant with big chef-influenced character isn’t to be missed.





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