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Renowned Cheese Authority Dips Into The Chocolate World With Launch of Chocolate Tools & Accessories

Boska Holland, setting the standards of professional and consumer cheesewares since 1896, has excitedly busted out of its cheese shell and dipped their hands into the world of chocolate with the launch of their new Chocowares Collection. Launching September 1st with retail partners and at Boska online, the award-winning experts for smart and sleek product design have easily parlayed their tool talents into creating the highest quality Chocowares Collection. The Chocowares Collection still echoes the Boska ethos for cheese: for everyone to now enjoy chocolate together in their own special way, anywhere at any time in style!

“It’s our mission at Boska to bring people together to enjoy good food. We started 120 years ago with a passion for cheese, but we fell in love with chocolate along the way,” says Fourth generation owner of Boska Holland, Martijn Bos. “We have put all of our experience in cheese tooling into this new category of Chocowares. We know how to enjoy cheese, just as we know how to enjoy chocolate: cut, sliced, grated, curled, or melted as a fondue. It was a natural expansion for the brand and one thing is for sure; both taste best with the right tools and the right people!”

Boska Chocowares launch collection includes:

• Choco Fondue Marie – The very first double boiler fondue. The ceramic pan ensures that melted chocolate remains consistently at the right temperature to avoid burning and a bittertaste. Simply light the tea light candle and enjoy. This star of the launch collection has a sleek design that even the MoMA Design Store admires! Price: $29.99
• Choco Chopper – This stainless steel knife can handle every type of chocolate. Just a chic as it is safe; the bronzed double handle ensures consumers can safely chop the hardest chocolate by rocking back and forth with both hands. Price: $29.99
• Choco Breaker – This sleek, bronzed stainless steel knife with a sharp point can handle every type of chocolate and is perfect for guests to break off their own chocolate chunks to enjoy. Price: $29.99
• DIY Chocolate Makers – For the ambitious chocolate consumer, create chocolate bars, bon bons or fun chocospoons for delicious hot chocolate delights or whatever their sweet tooth desires! The silicon chocolate molds make chocolate treat creation and removal super easy as well as delectable desserts for the next gathering. An accompanying recipe booklet gives helpful hints, but Boska encourages consumers to let their imaginations run wild! Featuring three styles of molds sold separately, including the Choco Bar Maker, Choco Bon Bon Maker, and Choco Spoon Maker. Price: $9.99

A curated collection of chocolate tool and accessory essentials, the initial Chocowares release whets consumers’ appetites, but keep an eye out, as there is more to come from Boska Holland! For more information about Boska Holland and the collections, visit, or reach out to The Bromley Group.


Launch date of the chocowares: September 1st, 2018.


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Boska Holland is a traditional and innovative family-run business that has had a passion for cheese since 1896. It all started in Bodegraven, a small village near Gouda, where Willem Bos invented his first ‘cheese tools’ for local cheese farmers. Today, Martijn Bos, fourth generation owner and great grandson of Willem, continues to oversee all product design, development, and production to ensure that all of Boska’s products meet the highest standards of quality, design, and function. With teams in the Netherlands, France, Germany, China, and the USA, the Boska family continuously seeks inspiration for new products from around the globe. As new products are developed, Boska continues to be embraced by cheese-lovers everywhere. The goal always remains the same: to create an environment where people can enjoy cheese together in their own special way, anywhere at any time.


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