Since we were young, we have been told that ‘you are what you eat’ where wellness comes from within. This is something that Dr. Amir Marashi has...

Since we were young, we have been told that 'you are what you eat' where wellness comes from within. This is something that Dr. Amir Marashi has been a firm believer in- that our health is a direct result of what we put inside. Dr. Marashi aka the Vagina Whisperer is a pioneer in his field and has helped countless women overcome their gynecological issues to have a new outlook post child birth and an amped sex life. As a plant based chef and lifestyle arbiter, Matthew Kenney has revolutionized the concept of wellness and healing through a plant based diet. Whether it was the universe at play, or just a coincidence, it was a natural progression for these two great minds to come together and create a game changing food product that marries science and wellness- the Ntidote bar. For the wellness issue, Resident Magazine speaks to these experts about their groundbreaking new launch and current projects.

Dr. Amir Marashi- The Vagina Whisperer

Dream of having the perfect vagina? Dreams become reality with Dr. Amir Marashi, the "vagina whisperer"aka "Vagialangello".  A world-renowned OB-GYN, Dr. Marashi has performed thousands of surgeries across multiple countries. There seems to be nothing he cannot fix: size, shape, color, tightness, moisture. He has even recreated hymen to prove a bride's virginity and performed clitoral reconstructions for victims of mutilation.

His nickname of the "vagina whisperer" was first coined while assisting earthquake victims in Haiti. Although medical supplies were limited, Dr. Marashi was able to diagnose several patients simply by a physical exam. Later while in the operating room, one of surrounding nurses made the comment about Dr. Marashi's abilities by using the term vagina whisperer, and the nickname stuck.

After finishing Medical school in Tehran, Iran and doing research in Stanford, California, Dr Marashi did a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at New York Methodist Hospital. Since then he has won numerous awards in his field, including the Healers Hall of Fame Award and Humanitarian Award from the New York Methodist Hospital. He is also the founder of the International Obstetricians and Gynecologists Foundation. Dr Marashi is double Board certified by both American College of ObGyn and Surgery.

Dr. Marashi says that he is motivated by the improvement he brings to a woman's life, health, and happiness. While half of his procedures are for functional purposes, the other half are cosmetic. Marashi specializes in several areas including laser rejuvenation, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, vaginal reconstruction, clitoral hood reduction, and even G-spot amplification. Whatever the procedure, Dr. Marashi helps every one of his patients become more confident in themselves and their downstairs!

One of the most popular procedures is the non-invasive and painless FemiLift Laser Vaginal Tightening treatment which rejuvenates vaginal lining, increasing thickness of vaginal walls.  Another procedure is surgical vaginal rejuvenation which is a reconstructive vaginoplasty that restores the muscle tone and the esthetics of the vagina, by removing excess tissues and tightening the supportive structures, in effort either to reduce or to reverse the effects of aging and childbearing.

Dr Marashi also has his methods to improve orgasms, by injections, laser, and the Orgasm Cream he created and formulated himself.

He regularly hosts national and international physicians who follow him to learn his techniques. Dr Marashi recently taught a fellowship in cosmetic gynecology in Dubai, and he is the first doctor in the US who hosts an official Cosmetic Gynecology rotation for ObGyn residents.

The other half of his practice is dedicated to pelvic pain and Endometriosis. He has helped countless patients overcome the painful symptoms that come with endometriosis or uterine fibroids by early diagnosis and the right treatment.

Celebrities have been the original trail blazers for giving support to, and even receiving, these procedures. As the surrounding discussion becomes less taboo, the popularity of the procedures increases in return. Women are becoming more confident in the choices they make regarding their bodies. Dr. Marashi does warn patients, especially younger ones that may have been swayed by the influence of socialites and TV stars, that cosmetic procedures are no necessity. Patients are encouraged to make the decision for themselves, not because of outside pressures.

Online reviews continue to praise the doctor and his staff. Countless reviews exclaim the exceptional bedside manners of Marashi and the comfortable atmosphere of his office. One review writes, "Dr. Marashi is one of the best medical professionals that I have ever come across. He is very professional and thorough. He makes sure that you are comfortable and don't have any worries prior to leaving his office and makes himself accessible to his patients."

Dr. Marashi says that being thanked by his patients is all the inspiration he needs to continue his path of extraordinary work. He is passionate about increasing women's' quality of health and plans to continue to do so for years to come.

Offices in New York, Dubai, Miami
Instagram @NYCGYNO


World leading plant-based Chef Matthew Kenney is shaping the vegan and nutrition world, one plate at a time.  Chef Kenney is all about creating food that tastes good, but above all, creating food that makes people feel good. He is a firm believer that chefs are the doctors of the future, marrying wellness and the culinary art.

Owner of 15 restaurants and counting spread across five continents; Chef Kenney is serving up 100 percent vegan food at his establishments.  Many people believe that a plant-based diet means giving something up or missing something, but really the transition from a meat diet to a plant diet is just changing the center of the plate to something plant-based. Chef Kenney's cuisine and the success of his restaurants have proven that vegan food is just as, if not more delicious and appealing as non-plant-based meals.   You can still enjoy dining and go out without eating meat and dairy; being vegan does not mean you have to give up on guilty pleasures such as pizza and or ice cream.  Part of the fear people have of a plant-based diet is the unknown; plant-based diet and veganism are still very much new, and vegan cuisine is still growing and developing. Plant-based cuisine is the future of the culinary world.

Chef Kenney's journey to a vegan lifestyle was "the most fun he ever had eating in his life."  By giving up meat and dairy, people will gain a physical sense of wellbeing.  Becoming vegan does not happen overnight, Chef Kenney's transition was "slow and gradual at first and then all at once." After his switch to a plant-based diet, Chef Kenney felt better both internally and externally, "once you rid your body of processed ingredients, meat, and dairy, you will digest, sleep and recover better and just feel better about yourself in general."

Chef Kenney is currently teaming up with Dr. Marashi to create a line of Nutrition Bars called Ntidote that are medically good for you.  They realized that what is currently out there has too much sugar, tastes bad, or is not medically or scientifically good for you.  The two men met in Miami at a talk Chef Kenney was giving about wellness and the part in which food played.   Intrigued, Dr. Marashi approached Chef Kenney afterward, and after talking they shared a mutual understanding of the importance of internal health and what we put in our bodies.  The two men have great chemistry and hit it off quickly; their ideas and energy bounce off one another, plus Dr. Marashi's wife is plant-based.

Their vision for the nutrition bars is to provide something that will help people who need a quick meal replacement, snack or some sort of access to nutrition that still tastes good.  There should not have to be a separation between nutrition, wellness, and the medical field, but rather an ongoing harmonious dialogue.   Chefs have the power to create food that makes people feel good, while doctors can help people stay well.  While Dr. Marashi provided the list of ingredients for the bar, Chef Kenney put his spin on it to make it tasty and palatable.

After researching the market and ingredients, Dr. Marashi wanted to create 4 different versions of nutrition bars with different goals.  One is a weight loss bar to meet the challenge of losing weight in 30 days.  Every morning this would replace breakfast along with a plant based beverage- which will improve weight management along with your internal ph.  The second is the Relax bar, which will include CBD oil which is meant for people who have a lot of anxiety, back pain, or simply intended to relax.  A lot of Dr. Marashi's endometriosis patients have been using CBD oil and he saw how much it is helping them.  This will be a game changer for people who are living with chronic pain.  The third one is the aphrodisiac bar which will contain ingredients that are good for men and women to increase their stamina.  The fourth bar will be the awake/ alert bar which will have matcha and other natural plant based stimulant ingredients for people who don't want to drink caffeine.

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