Tell us how you got into art. Sometimes it seems to me that I have been doing art for much longer than it really is. This is an inexplicable...

Tell us how you got into art.

Sometimes it seems to me that I have been doing art for much longer than it really is. This is an inexplicable feeling, perhaps it is due to the fact that art is either a part of you, or you have nothing to do with it. I always felt that I should be engaged in a creative profession, but when you are a young person and you see so many ambitious opportunities around, it's not always possible to make the right choice. In my past professional life, I've tried different jobs which were far from art, but I never felt I am completely in my element. 2016 was my turning point, my previous job as a purchasing manager was bringing me down, I realized it is a time to change the direction and start over again – now or never. And right at that moment the thirst for unlocking my creativity turned into a huge wave that I couldn't and didn't want to stop. So I quit my job without any hesitation in an attempt to deeply engross into the world of colors, shades, canvases and my personal experiments in painting. This was exciting, the inexpressible positive emotions thrilled through me, I believed I'm on the right path and do what I really love.

Where did you study?

I'm a self-taught artist, without formal artistic education.I have studied German and English languages in Kiev National Linguistic University, Ukraine.

What are your inspirations?

If to talk about my inspirations, I'll probably divide them into two types, one of them is secondary and cumulative – it consists of events and emotions that I'm experiencing on the daily basis like for example traveling, meeting extraordinary personalities,visiting concerts, reading poetry… in fact so many components that gradually form a certain state of mind. And the primary type is my inner-me, my mood, and the moment of the day. To create art, I am guided only by my personal inner vibrations and at that moment I'm inspired by a kind of risk to start an artwork without knowing where they will lead me. When the creative process starts, there is just something magical about it that gets me going. For me it's therapeutic and very intimate, because each work is a part of my thoughts and energy.

Why abstract?

I'm madly in love with abstract art because it is an absolute freedom of expression and an alternative to put into life the most challenging ideas through extraordinary shapes, textures and color combinations. Abstract paintings force us to think, break the silence and enter into an endless dialogue betweenartist and its audience.

Who are your clients? Have you done art shows?

My clients are people from all around the world who believe in the unique beauty of abstract art and are curious to get into the spirit of my philosophy. So far my paintings are presented on several international online marketplaces, but I'm also striving for participating in art shows in the future.

What is your next series? Which series are you the most proud of?

At this stage of my artistic career, I'm still experimenting in techniques and genres, but my main task was and remains the creation of deep meaning paintings. My next series is meant to be same bold and vibrant as my previous works like "Courage", "Struggle for humanity", "Going beyond personal reality", "Hustle & bustle of big city", which I am very proud of.

Which artists are your favorite?

Pablo Picasso, Vassily Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo

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