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Scaramucci: First Resident and Now the Washington Post

Scaramucci: First Resident and Now the Washington Post



” Two years after this flameout — or, as he likes to call it, when he “got his ass lit up in the White House” — Scaramucci, 55, apparently hasn’t yet figured out how to tell a journalist when something is off the record. But no matter: He has successfully converted his 15 minutes of fame into a steady stream of speeches, talks and cable news appearances. If you’re paying attention, you can see Scaramucci everywhere: at an Upper East Side social club, sermonizing about how to reelect President Trump; sharing a house with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and Kato Kaelin, the O.J. Simpson murder trial witness, on the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother”; in a truly surreal video for the New York Post where he did an interpretive dance for each of his 11 days in the White House; on the cover of the May issue of Resident, an “aspirational luxury lifestyle” magazine, the bejeweled American flag pin on his lapel aglitter; and, of course, on Fox News, waxing political about the latest White House drama.”


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