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Life’s most significant moments are best celebrated in the presence of friends and family, whether it’s a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah or any other significant milestone; it is a reason to eat, drink, and be merry, so why not make it an unforgettable occasion? A great party is more than just pretty decor and delicious food; it is an atmosphere that grabs your attention too, and no one does that quite as well as Lawrence Scott Events.

Larry Scott never tells the same story twice. A “Larry Party” is a one-of-a- kind event that tells a story that highlights and closely represents the wishes of the hosts and yet still retains an indelible Larry mark. Mr. Scott and his team have singlehandedly changed the event planning industry as they are not afraid to push the envelope and make their own rules.



Mr. Scott is a visionary who gives events a “wow factor.” Guests at a “Larry Party” do not just eat and drink, they have an experience that they are sure to remember. Larry and his team stand out from other event planners because they make sure everything from linens and centerpieces, to food and service, works harmoniously together. Larry achieves this by having his signature “invasions,” which bring a pop of adrenaline to the party. These “invasions” often include the waitstaff parading around in vivacious outfits, serving a shot of something fun, or a small plate of food that not only takes attention off the guests but also gives them something new and exciting to see. There are no rules or limits as to what these “invasions” might entail. Mr. Scott makes a conscious effort to ensure that every guest feels included in the party, as though the event were their own.

Larry always knew that he wanted to be a big event planner; he grew up in the food industry, as his family owned luncheonettes scattered around the city. Larry wanted to do something more creative than luncheonettes and serving tuna fish sandwiches. But he never fogets that those tuna fish sandwiches put five children through college; he remembers where his roots are. Down the street from his father’s luncheonette was Howard Stein’s nightclub Xenon, which always had a crowd and limousines waiting outside; the site of this sparked his interest in hosting glamorous parties.



Larry began his career in catering before opening Larry and The Redhead, one of Long Island’s most successful restaurants, which he described as a “classy modern-day brothel” as well as both fancy and laidback.” Mr. Scott’s style is mixing and matching “from the ridiculous to the sublime,” and is always classy, never trashy.

Larry did not truly get into the party business until he was 25 years old, when he was dating a woman who ended up developing cancer. Mr. Scott would throw her crazy parties, such as Christmas in July, and Sweet 16’s during her treatments as a way to distract her and take her mind off things. It was at this same time when he decided to make the event and party business a full-time career and leave the family luncheonette business. He established
Lawrence Scott Events a few years later in 1989.



Since its inception, Lawrence Scott Events has thought outside of the box combining his clients’ desires with his own style to create unforgettable celebrations that bring family and friends together. Larry often reminds his clients that the hosts of the event are the chandelier, the guests are the bulbs, and Lawrence Scott Events is the dimmer switch; Mr. Scott and his team know when to turn it up and when to turn it down.

Larry and his team are true artists that can transform any space and create a whimsical, fun, classy, yet elegant affair. People often request to have their party be unique, but rarely do they realize that it is the small and thoughtful details which Larry and his team so beautifully highlight that makes any event individually special; he is not restructuring the framework of a party. Larry often uses a cake analogy to describe event planning to clients with such requests: “The cake itself has to be solid, but the icing can be different.”



Mr. Scott and his team have been able to stay at the top of the event planning world by constantly reinventing themselves and finding different ways to drive the wheel. Especially in today’s challenging market in which young people are coming in to book parties and don’t even know what they like because they are on Pinterest and Instagram and feel pressure to follow what other people are doing, rather than lead and stand out. Lawrence Scott Events is not a page taken from Martha Stewart, page 34, volume six; Larry and his team create trends, not follow them.

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It is commonly believed that when people succeed it is lonely at the top; however, Mr. Scott is changing that mentality to strength at the top. Lawrence Scott Events is a family; the success of the company is a team effort, not just one person from on high. In an industry that is often polluted by ego, Lawrence Scott Events does a phenomenal job taking care of each client and making sure that their ideas are heard and carried out. Larry and his team are a referral-based event planning business; they put on about 120 to 130 events a year, it is not uncommon for clients to return to the company to coordinate several other events, they know that Larry and his team will take care of them. Lawrence Scott Events not only grants clients their dream parties, but also is involved in philanthropy. Mr. Scott and his team are committed to giving back to the community and support many charitable causes, such as Make-A-Wish, Live Out Loud, and Multiple Sclerosis, among many other organizations.



What makes Larry particularly unique is that even though it is his party in the sense that he has told someone’s story, the party truly belongs to the hosts. Rarely will clients and their guests see Mr. Scott during the actual event, his team, whom he trusts implicitly, is there to make sure there are no hiccups. Larry enjoys the challenge and pressure of putting the celebration together and acting as the wings beneath his clients’ wings, making sure that they arrive at their destination smoothly. Once at the party, he passes the baton over to the hosts, it is their night; they should be and are the center of attention.

Larry Scott knows that he has left his mark on an event and work is complete when he can honestly tell his hosts’ “I told your story, you are happy with your book, now read it, and read it to your guests.”


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