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Mary Ann Browning, one of the most sought after trainers in New York City, shared some exercise advice with the Resident:



What kind of outdoor exercise would you recommend for clients and people in general to do this summer?


Whether you are in the Hamptons, New York City, or really anywhere, walk as much as possible. The American Heart Association recommends people should walk 15,000 steps per day but I believe you should have 20,000 or more. Spinning, biking and other forms of exercise are good as well; really anything that keeps you from being stationary.


What are your thoughts on dieting vs. exercising?


Diets do not make people feel good about themselves; I do have clients who are on diets such as Atkins, and although I support their choice and cheer them on, I don’t believe in such diets; they are not sustainable. That’s the issue with diets and shows such as The Biggest Loser; they are not a way of life. It is not healthy to deprive your body of certain foods and nutrients and overexert yourself.


It is important to have a balance between eating well and exercising, however if you are only able to do one, I recommend exercise; exercise is the best addiction someone can have. Too much of anything is unhealthy and it is crucial to not over work your body. Over exerting your body can slow and or stop your metabolism. Safety and avoiding injury should be a number one priority, using machinery correctly and having proper form or posture is the basis to any workout.


People need to realize that working out is personal, what works for some might not work well for others. It is easy to become intimidated by other gym-goers and their routines but you need to remember that it’s your body and that working out is not a competition. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle does not happen overnight, it takes time. You can’t start with the heaviest weight set on your first day of lifting; you need to gradually build up your strength.


For me, exercising is like brushing my teeth, I feel gross if I go a day without it. I typically train with seven to ten clients a day, and if I am unable to exercise, I try to get in as many steps as possible. In the summer, I like to golf, swim, bike outdoors, and if I have time, yoga.


What are your thoughts on the wellness movement of yoga?


Flexibility is significant to achieving the goals of aging. Yoga has huge benefits but yoga alone is not enough; you can’t just do yoga, have a great body and not live a healthy lifestyle.

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What are your thoughts on snacking?


I think that the occasional snack is fine, I like to have the Quaker Rice Cakes because they are gluten free, 60 calories or less, and is low in sodium. I’ll even put some coconut oil or pesto on the rice cake to make it a little more filling. Whether it is food or snacks, it is important to know what you are putting into your body.



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