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MATEO KOS: And His Stunning Sculpture

MATEO KOS: And His Stunning Sculpture



When did your passion for painting come about?

In my childhood, I liked to paint, draw and create various artworks. Given that my parents were artists and my sister was educated as an art pedagogue, I was surrounded by fine arts. The event that encouraged me most on this path, was the first time I sold my products after the opening of the studio. I further developed my passion in middle school. I had already set up my first exhibition of watercolors and collages entitled “Sights of Maribor.”


From where did you gain years of experience in fine arts?

A lot of my knowledge about various art techniques was given to me by my parents, but through studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Maribor, I learned a lot about the materials, statics and geometry that I use in my creations. I often attend various workshops, where I try to gain additional skills and experience.



Which art techniques and motifs are close to you?

Initially, my work was influenced mainly by African art, which was enhanced by my fierce temperament. I like to play with various art materials and techniques. I could say that my pictures are distinguished by a stronger impulse, intense colors and narrative shapes. Now, I am in a period when I go to simpler lines and fuse forms and colors into one. I am still striving for color intensity but by changing the texture and methods of applying colors.


Where do you draw inspiration?

I am inspired by colors, materials and various textures, as well as the process of setting up concepts and perfecting ideas. I often take inspiration while spending time in nature, at sea, or when I see some interesting visual arts.


What does it mean for you to express yourself through the art of painting? 

I paint because I enjoy it immensely, but at the same time, it releases me, whereby I can again find my inner peace and find new strengths. My imagination comes alive and takes me to a different world – a world of colors, materials and perfect harmony. Through my creations, I can show my ideas, visions and energy to the world.



Who are your clients?

My fans and ultimately buyers are people who adore my kind of art. I use a mixed art technique. I include painting and sculptural works. Recently, I have devoted myself to horses, studying their entire anatomy. Horses are my passion. My clients are animal lovers who especially love horses and everything related to them.


Have you done many art shows?

I attend art fairs and galleries. I am trying to find out whether it is suitable for my artwork and, of course, if it can be interesting to my clients.

Some of my art shows:

▪ 2016 MUS 2016, international art fair in Slovenia

▪ 2017 ArtBaho fair, Barcelona

▪ 2017 Art nou Mil.lenni gallery, Barcelona

▪ 2017 Artexpo, Ljubljana

▪ 2017/18 10/30/2017 -8/01/2018 Aragon 232, art gallery, Barcelona

▪ 2018 The Artbox project New York, February

▪ 2018 ArtHub gallery Dubai

Passage: Art of riding 01.05.2018-15.05.2018

▪ 2018 Art Revolution Taipei-Taiwan, Art Fair

See Also

5/18/2018 -22/05/2018

▪ 2018 Parallax art fair, London

07/22/2018 -24/07/2018

▪ 2018 Hôtel du Chateau de Lagord, France

06/21/2018 -14/07/2018

▪ 2018 Hypnose Studio, Rudersdorfer Str 2658073, Graz, Austria 



Which series are you most proud of? Which artists inspire you the most?

I am most proud of the first prize (32ame Salon d’Arts Plastiques de la Rochelle, France), which I received for my sculpture. There were plenty of artists involved. There were 689 works of art (479 paintings and 210 sculptures). I am also proud of my series “Wild Horses” I have exhibited works all over the world and have received great reviews.

I like African art and I have some artists in my heart, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and even more. I could go on and on.



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