New York-based artist and writer Patti Grabel will open her latest solo exhibition, Causing a Stir, at Artiz Gallery on East 65th Street with...

New York-based artist and writer Patti Grabel will open her latest solo exhibition, Causing a Stir, at Artiz Gallery on East 65th Street with a private opening reception on Thursday, September 13, before it opens to the public the following day.

The curated collection of limited edition photographic prints feature compositions of Patti's signature spoons. Each print conveys different meanings and emotions, and tells a story that we can all relate to. Key themes include the importance of physical and spiritual nourishment, the centrality of family and friends, and the ability of art to communicate broadly.

Love is the Inspiration  

When asked about her inspiration, Patti states, "spoons are potent symbols. Sometimes, in my practice and in my kitchen, I see them as extensions of myself. In addition to their texture and sculptural quality, spoons appeal to me for their metaphorical capabilities." The spoons represent giving and receiving in a single, humble motion—the very essence of love, which is a significant motivation for Patti.  "Conveying love for friends, family, and strangers through my story-telling, artistic practice, and through my actions is a significant influence.  Affirmation from those responding to my work inspires me to keep working and growing."

An Emerging Artist

Grabel's interest in art started during her childhood. Her grandmother's artist neighbor would bring over paints and watercolors and teach Patti and her brother to tell stories through their art. Her parents also owned a summer camp and she was lucky enough to have a whole art shack's worth of supplies at her disposal.

Patti returned to serious art-making as an adult. After years of happily channeling her energy into caring for her family, Patti realized that the time had come to rediscover who she was and tell her story.

She wrote a television series loosely based on her life, but when it was not picked up, she decided to not delete the story, but to live it. It was already in motion and so was she. Heavily invested in the character's story, her story, she took the words off the page and put them in play… in real life.

Redefining Success

"I dive into all my projects with passion," Patti states, "I love pushing boundaries and knocking down doors. I learned to redefine what success meant to me. I am grateful every time someone responds to my art work, reads a story, or asks for a recipe. If my art speaks to them, I am grateful. If it does not, I understand and am honored they took the time to view it."

With a third exhibition opening this week and pieces accepted by Michael Bolton Charities (MBC) summer fundraiser in 2017, and The Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) annual fall benefit last year, Patti's success, from anyone's perspective, is looking pretty good.

 A portion of the proceeds from "Causing a Stir" will benefit City Harvest, the New York City non-profit that pioneered food rescue in 1982. This year, City Harvest will rescue 61 million pounds of nutritious food and deliver it to 500 soup kitchens, food pantries, and other community food programs across New York City, helping to feed the nearly 1.3 million New Yorkers facing hunger.  The symmetry between City Harvest's work and Grabel's practice is clear. The exhibition is on view until September 20, 2018.

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