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Valmont Presents The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla in NYC

Valmont Presents The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla in NYC

The Valmont Group and Foundation Valmont are excited to announce the opening of their first US art exhibition, ‘The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla‘ in New York City from October 5 – 21, 2018 at 393 Broadway. The exhibition will present a collection of thirty works designed and created by Didier Guillon, President & Artistic Director of Valmont Group and Foundation Valmont. Art is a fundamental pillar of the Valmont Group and plays a role in every initiative promoting their motto ‘When Art Meets Beauty.’

Inspired by a visit to the Berlin Zoo in 2017, Didier fell under the charm of Ivo, the famous gorilla and zoo mascot. As an art connoisseur, Didier envisioned an alternative destiny for this elegant animal with his angular and resolutely cubist silhouette. As a result, Didier designed a series of artistic tributes to portray the quest of a gorilla in pursuit of happiness using different medias, in several dimensions, skillfully juxtaposing various materials. ‘The Elegant Symmetry of the Gorilla‘ will travel around the world to Munich and Berlin in 2019 after debuting in New York City this year.

To celebrate the exhibition, Valmont has partnered with One Drop, an international non-profit organization dedicated to engaging communities to bring sustainable access to safe water. During the months of October and November 2018, Valmont will donate $10 to One Drop for every product sold at Saks Fifth Avenue New York and Spa Valmont at Plaza Athénée NYC. Valmont will also donate 100% sales of two artworks from the exhibition to One Drop.

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