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The official launch of Intelligent Living by MDRN, a transformable modular system for the home, by legendary interiors and futurist designer Warren Kay, offers residents an innovative lifestyle solution and raises the standard in luxury living and furniture design. Intelligent Living is a system of furniture that transforms the way we utilize traditional spaces. At the click of one button, or with a gentle pull, motorized units are activated by a custom sliding mechanism which converts a single-use space in any home into a multi-purpose, all-encompassing experience. The transformable home system seamlessly changes a living space into a bedroom, alternates between a dining room and home office, and hides closets behind a wall unit uniquely designed by you.

The modern and upscale furniture design is the finest in Italian craftsmanship enacting sustainability measures to ensure an eco-friendly and 100% emission-free process. Merging the latest technology with art and design, the transformable modular system is fully customizable with over 100 finishes, materials, fabrics, leathers and digital imaging options. Intelligent Living assures interior decorators and designers’ full creative control with the ability to optimize an entire space without compromising quality. Encompassing all the fundamentals of home life, a fully functional living room can turn into the coziest of bedrooms simply with the click of a button, or with a gentle pull. 

The future of real estate sees developments rising in height, rental costs rapidly increasing but living spaces shrinking at the same time. Residents of tech hubs such as New York City and San Francisco encounter similar challenges to effectively live in small spaces sized at 550 square feet, more or less, with high rental costs averaging $2,300 to $3,000 per month. This challenge is tasking developers with creating multi-faceted homes with all-in-one capabilities to accommodate residents in our increasingly tech-dependent society. Intelligent Living by MDRN is the future of furniture and interior design set to revolutionize the way city dwellers live.   

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